Patriot Guard Riders

In recent years, an national association of motorcycle riders has begun standing guard over the funerals of fallen law enforcement officers and soldiers - the Patriot Riders Guard.

This volunteer association was formed as a response to the disgusting incidents of disruptions of military funerals by protestors by motorcycle riders who wanted to pay their respects to the fallen and protect their families, just as those officers and soldiers protected all of us.

The association has the support and involvement of a wide range of local and national motorcycle organziations. They don't ask their participants to hold any political views, just to show respect for the fallen and their families. You'll usually find them lined up near the entrance of the funeral services, standing guard, holding American flags.

Here in the Blogland, these men and women are heroes too.

5 Response to "Patriot Guard Riders"

  1. Brian McCarty 1/4/07 04:24
    Hooray for those bikers! I think that so called Christian group that harass grieving families of our war heroes are despicable and dishonorable. Hat's off to those bikers for standing up for our heroes and against the nutcases.
  2. moye 1/4/07 13:32
    I seen several interviews done with the so called Christain group that protest these funerals. They are a strange group to say the least. Can you imagine how the families feel with them at the funeral of their loved one and our hero. The bikers are doing a wonderful thing it might be even better if they waited until after all the family leaves the grave site and then bash some heads.
  3. Anonymous 2/4/07 03:15
    heroes? you bet they are!
  4. west_rhino 2/4/07 10:23
    Same crew guarded the memorials in DC from vandalism recently during a lame round of anti-war protesters antics. Seems that between the Patriot Riders and Veterans groups, George Soros hired protesters and 60's retreads were significantly outnumbered.
  5. Mike Burleson 3/4/07 15:23
    This is great news. Like the troops, our law enforcement deserves all honors.

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