Richard Chalk - a Representative and Senator in TWO states?

In North Carolina, Richard Chalk served as a state Representative and Senator from the Triad area of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. After moving to Beaufort County, he won a seat in the state House, and just announced his intentions to seek the Beaufort County Senate seat that was recently vacated by Scott Richardson.

While there are plenty who have have served in both legislative chambers in this state and others, how many have done it in TWO states?

To say the least, this will be interesting to watch, due to its historical novelty. As Richard, a Midlands native, is a pretty good guy, he has the best wishes of the Blogland in his Senate bid.

3 Response to "Richard Chalk - a Representative and Senator in TWO states?"

  1. Anonymous 7/3/07 15:30
    erase chalk.
  2. mg 7/3/07 22:47
    I say more power to him. This is interesting stuff but it may have been done before but not sure if in SC.
  3. Anonymous 7/3/07 22:50
    No offense to Mr. Chalk but we sure could have used him to maintain the GOP seat in NC. Currently NC has a Democratic Governor, and General Assembly, they sure are liberal. I hate to see the old north state's demise. They are currently a liberal cess pool that eminates from Durham area Nifong led folks, also, that poor little mill boy from Seneca with the little pink house-John Edwards. Lawyers, at least the majority with the exception of Brian and a few real gentlemen suck.

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