Rudy's "Party of Freedom"

Kathryn Lopez of the National Review shares a fundraising letter from Rudy Giuliani, in which he outlines his (much-needed) vision of a "Party of Freedom":

My hero Ronald Reagan once said, "The future belongs to the free." This statement captures what so many Americans admired about President Reagan — his optimistic leadership, his belief in building a better future, and his continued focus on freedom ...

I believe that the Republican Party is "The Party of Freedom." At our best, we believe in giving people more control over their own lives. This principle runs through the policies that unite us as a party: keeping taxes low and cutting the size of government, finding market solutions to generational challenges such as entitlement reform, and increasing opportunity through education reforms like school choice ...

When I look to the future, I see a country where citizens are confident that our nation is in control of its destiny. I see a country where citizens feel they have a right to live in freedom from fear. I see a country where citizens believe we will hand our nation to the next generation better than it was handed to us. Because people who live in freedom have much more strength than people who live in oppression.

That is the story of the Old Testament. That is the story of the Second World War. And that will be the history our generation writes when we win the War on Terror.
Amen, brother. Amen.

The party that lost its way - and its Congressional majority - could use this kind of vision right about now ...

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  1. Anonymous 6/3/07 01:21
    Rudy is a great American. Although he is not my first choice if he is the republican nominee I would support him. I really admire his prosecution of the mob in NY. And he definitely has some real Charisma and not the cheap type that Romney does, I think Rudy is just a good guy.
  2. Anonymous 6/3/07 09:39
    go rudy!!!
  3. HAM 6/3/07 16:05
    There are a lot of things I like about him...but one thing that doesn't seem to flow with the whole less government involvement is his stance on gun control. When you make it impossible for the law abiding citizen to carry a make it easier for the criminals to get away with more since the law abiding "man" won't be able to protect himself.
  4. Moye 6/3/07 17:37
    You know I like Rudy but I also have one problem with him and it is the gun issue. Where does he stand today on this?
  5. Anonymous 7/3/07 06:00
    Rudy will take my gun from my dead cold hand. John Edwards doesn't want the gun control Rudy fought for in NYC. I say, go Edwards. He is a man who really understands Southerners, Rudy is just some yankee who wants to take my gun.
  6. Brian McCarty 7/3/07 07:39
    Rudy is a real American hero. His stands against the mafia, the NYC big government and for the people on 9-11 are clear.

    I know people say that he is for this or that social issue, including guns that is unpopular. But, you have to remember those stands were made as Mayor of New York. The man did cut welfare over in half in New York, and murder by 70%.

    Rudy is for leaner government and lower taxes. I don't see him as President calling for gun control or the like or national gay marriage.

    That is just a scare tactic by the Romney folks, who are experts at such.

    I have not decided yet whom to support for President. But, I can tell you this, if some tragedy happened to this country, I would not feel one bit of unease with Rudy answering the call at the White House.

    The man knows the stakes. He has the courage to be a leader. Time will tell if we Republicans eat him alive on things that in the long term don't really matter.
  7. Anonymous 7/3/07 12:53
    Top Catholic Newspaper Tells Pro-Life Voters Rudy Giuliani Too Pro-Abortion
  8. Anonymous 7/3/07 15:04
    Rudy just summed up the Libertarian Party's platform, yet his party of "freedom" hasn't resembled anything close to it in ages. He's obviously a great BS artist, though.

    He reportedly stated once that freedom was giving in to the authority of police, so they can make you safer. (Orwell is probably rolling in his grave over that one.) He's definitely a police state kind of guy. If the election were held on police state politics alone, he would win hands down.

    If you're looking for a Republican that REALLY supports liberty, vote for Ron Paul. Forget the freedom posers like Rudy and McCain.
  9. mg 7/3/07 22:45
    Romney is not trying to make Rudy look bad Brian. It is BS like you are writing that makes Romney look bad while you are trying to help Rudy and others while seeming to not have a favorite. What problem have you got with Romney anyway. His religion maybe.
  10. smgjr 11/3/07 22:07
    Wonder how long before Rudy tells us how he really stands on the issues. Who ever gets this nomination we have to support that person to win whether Rudy or not Rudy. Let us try not to destroy the rest in the process.

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