Sherman's back

... and according to the Drunk Pundit, Columbia is gonna pay ...

Union Gen. William Sherman said today that he plans to attack and burn Columbia to the ground, more than 140 years after doing it the first time.

“I took total war to the South in order to punish that region for what it did to our country,” Sherman said at his encampment near the Broad River. “Atlanta learned this lesson well, and without me we never would have experienced ‘crunk,’ ‘Freaknik’ or OutKast’s seminal album ‘Stankonia.’ Unfortunately, the residents of South Carolina never changed.”

Pretty funny posting - go check it out.

3 Response to "Sherman's back"

  1. moye 21/3/07 23:13
    Pretty funny stuff for sure. He must be a Democrat also.
  2. Anonymous 22/3/07 13:18
    Inspired by General Grant, the self appointed Shah of Charleston vowed to conquer the revolting imperialistic Town of James Island in his efforts to annex right of way for CPW to provide fire water an police service to Havana
  3. Anonymous 23/3/07 09:08
    no, i said BUD light!

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