The State scoops Mike Reino?

Hats off to Mike Reino, who got scooped today in an article published in The State, who seem to think that we bloggers really aren't journalists.

... on March 13, Mike Reino's article:Upcoming Iraq Spending Bill: Clyburn's First Big Test as Whip, included the following point:

Up to this vote, the legislation presented by the Democrats have been pretty simple and populist. Clyburn has had a pretty easy time currying up positive results to this point. It all ends here.

... on March 22, The State's article: War-funding vote tests Clyburn’s skills as whip, raised this point:

The expected House vote today on a $124 billion emergency war-spending bill is Rep. Jim Clyburn’s stiffest challenge as majority whip, and the Columbia Democrat worked into the evening Wednesday to corral the 218 votes needed for its passage.

Doesn't this sound familiar ... ? It could be just coincidence, couldn't it ... well ... uuhhhh ... then again, maybe not.

5 Response to "The State scoops Mike Reino?"

  1. west_rhino 22/3/07 13:23
    Earl, plagarism isn't plagarism if you plagarize a Republican's blog, since he's not really a urinalist, he couldn't have had the original idea, meaing he couldn't have written (or keyboarded) that idea, so that the idea never existed and was original with Pravda on the Congaree...

    yeah right! At least Bandy would have been honest about it.
  2. Anonymous 22/3/07 13:24
    well someone has to pick up the crap that dog leaves in the yard.
  3. Mike Reino 22/3/07 18:29
    Since my blog is generally viewed as a pubescent, flamethrowing waste of space, I decided to write a real, nonpartisan article. I thought it was pretty good, but I never thought it would be copied!

    Almost forgot... Frau Pelosi - BLUCHER!!!!
  4. Anonymous 22/3/07 21:52
    go mike reino!!!
  5. moye 27/3/07 23:02
    Brad Warthen must be still out there.

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