What do straw polls prove (Rick Beltram is a blow-hard)?

... very darn little.

Last night's straw poll in Spartanburg shot down some expectations and presented some surprises. Giuliani led the pack and McCain came in third, consistent with what most people would expect, given their status as national front-runners, but Duncan Hunter's second place finish had to be a surprise for everyone.

But for Romney's people, who have made an intensive effort to recruit support across the state, and Huckabee, who attempted to make a big splash with the endorsements of Iris and Mike Campbell, I'm sure it was disappointing to come in near the back of the pack.

This is contrasted against Aiken County's straw poll back in January, where the top three were Romney, Tancredo, and Gingrich.

What do we learn from this? Don't bet on any outcome in a straw poll this early out that is going to be relatively consistent with scientific polling (this early out, don't count on that polling too much either).

What it also proves is that Rick Beltram can't keep his stories straight.

A few weeks ago, the blowhard said
"We anticipate to have about 2000 voters that night", and then took offense when I challenged his assertion.

Last night he told the media "he expected fewer than 2,000 people to vote". It looks like his turnout, with 81 of 91 precincts counted was somewhere between 600 and 700, down from the over 1000 he claimed turned out in 2003.

Needless to say, seeing him lying to cover his tail provided a much-needed morning chuckle. Maybe he thinks he can fool all the people all the time, but this time, he didn't fool everyone.

Well, Rick, which is it?

20 Response to "What do straw polls prove (Rick Beltram is a blow-hard)?"

  1. Anonymous 2/3/07 07:11
    hooray earl! you're dead-on about the man, and i hope he gets booted at the next county convo.
  2. Anonymous 2/3/07 07:25
    shut up
  3. Anonymous 2/3/07 09:41
    you are some arrogant liberal, down there on the coast with all the commies and freaks, bad-mouthing good Upstate sons like Ron Wilson and Rick Beltram.

    but that's always the way it's been.
  4. west_rhino 2/3/07 10:15
    Blowhard or not, it is a Warhol-esque fifteen minutes for Rick, given that Spartanburg probably won't get the second debate. As I'm typing, Duncan Hunter is being interviewed live by Joseph Farrah (sitting in for G. Gordon Liddy) at CPAC. Curious that the third place finisher is sitting out CPAC this year...
  5. Anonymous 2/3/07 11:37
    Yes, Beltram needs to be removed as Spartanburg county chairman as he is not a man of character.
  6. Anonymous 2/3/07 14:54
    he's a man of something though ... all full of something ...
  7. Brian McCarty 3/3/07 02:32
    Earl, you make some good points. But, I have to to say, I remain grateful to Rick Beltram for standing up for me when I took on the nut Ron Wilson.

    I see your points, but I can join you full throated here.
  8. rick beltram 3/3/07 06:20
    brian, you, earl and west don't know what you're talking about.
  9. Bill Clinton 3/3/07 07:11
    i'll stick up for you brian ... after i stick up her.
  10. Brian McCarty 3/3/07 11:22
    Whoa, wait a minute Rick, don't you realize when someone is taking up for you?

    If you don't. maybe Earl is right.

    Damn, I get blasted for defending you by you and your buddy Bill.

  11. JDM 3/3/07 12:18
    Lets clarify a few things here. Yes, 1500-2000 people were anticipated to turn out on Thursday night, and then Thursday morning, we realized no way. Here's why... Tornado Watch, 3-5" of rain with Flood Warnings in effect at time of meeting, wind advisory in effect, everyone with a television news channel is seeing pictures of Enterprise, AL. That is why the numbers were so low. I would like to see another county with lesser organization turn out that many with all of those factors coming into play.

    ...and just to let all of you know... Rick isn't going anywhere. You've got him for another term. You can count on that.
  12. Moye 3/3/07 15:19
    OK Earl I want you and Rick to kiss and make up. I also questioned Rick whether he would have 3000 votes in this straw poll. I would like to know the final results as everywhere I look they keep changing. So Spartanburg had a few problems who doesn't that does not mean they did not do the honest thing. I still say Mr. Beltram has done a good job of getting candidates and coverage for the Spartanburg and state party. Then again with a county like Spartanburg it may not have been that hard but someone had to organize and invite. I do know that to be a County Chairman and to do it right takes a lot of your time and money. At one time I was thinking Rick would be a good pick after Katon decides to give it up since I do not believe like a lot of folks you have to live in the Columbia Metro area and the upstate is strong for us and we need to look both there and the coast for our next state leader. After this week I have to rethink my future pick to replace Katon again after he decides to retire. Mr. Dawson is doing to much of a good job right now so I am in favor of him staying as long as he feels like or until he is no longer the man.
  13. Moye 3/3/07 15:25
    I did want to make a comment that Clarendon County GOP will hold a straw poll at our County Convention in April. I hope that we will have more people than candidates on the ballot to vote. Stay tuned for results.
  14. Earl Capps 3/3/07 18:08
    JDM - you should have been friendlier to those vets - those guys went through hell, so you can bet they'd come out, storm or not.

    You can say it knocked off some of the turnout, but half or more? Yeah, right ... whatever ...

    All I did was contrast his comments against his comments. If you don't like that, too bad.
  15. Paul Adams 3/3/07 18:43
    I think you guys are making this out to be way to much. It was a straw poll that means nothing. Look at what happened with the Treasurers race in '06. Rick Quinn straw poll "King" Greg Ryberg straw poll "King". Who won the race Thomas Ravenel. Without even really trying and without pumping all of the money into the race that everyone thought he was going to pump into it. Quit all of this fighting.
  16. Earl Capps 3/3/07 18:51
    i tend to agree with you, paul. they prove very little in the end. but some people think the world of them, like Mr. Beltram and the candidate he (says he doesn't) supports.
  17. Anonymous 3/3/07 20:56
    when the drunk liberal jew-loving irishman is backed by his buddy bill clinton, it can only be proof that he is a socialist, a doep-smoker and a skirt-chaser too.

    one day, we will take back our south, and you sir will have no choice but to go north with your negro and papist friends.
  18. Brian McCarty 4/3/07 06:45
    Earl, I do have to say this in Beltram's defense, though who knows how he would take it? The weather was horrible up there that night.

    Am the drunk Irishman who loves everybody? Probably. Oh, and yeah, I have a lot of respect for the Pope, even though I am not Catholic. I guess that makes me a papist.

    The real suprise to folks about the straw poll up there ought to be the strength of Rudy. He did not even run a campaign for it. He is supposedly some big liberal. Yet, he came 2 votes shy of winning the thing.

    Now, some say that was Karen Floyd, who is suppporting him.

    But, we all learned how inept her folks were at running a a campaign in Spartanburg county last November.

    Rudy is for real, that to me is the real story. I am undecided in this race, but the truth of the matter is anyone who follows politics has to see that Rudy is developing into the national front runner.
  19. Joshua Gross 5/3/07 09:44
    y'know, there's just something funny about lame-brained, hate-filled rants that contain misspellings of epithets like "dope-smoking"...
  20. another anon! 15/5/07 20:12
    YOU said it correctly, anon!

    Rick gets caught in so many flip-flops because lying comes so naturally to him. He's not a nice person, and he has an ego to boost.

    I look forward to the day that his unethical ways finally catch up with him!

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