"Communication Currents": Communication research online

The National Communication Association, the big academic association in my field, now has an online journal for researchers to publish their work. This issue is pretty good, with discussion of a number of issues, including:

  • How Employees Fight Back Against Workplace Bullying
  • On the Social Implications of Invisibility: The iMac G5 and the Effacement of the Technological Object
  • Mediated Interactivity: Tools for Democracy or Tools for Control?
  • Conflict and Communication: The Good Will Hunting Technique
  • Cross Current: Long-distance relationships
It's worth a look, if you're in this field, or just curious about a subject. Go check it out.

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  1. west_rhino 30/4/07 11:52
    Ahhh, workplace bullying, AKA "lateral violence" in some "workplace voilence prevention" strategies and policies. Earl, not to 'dis a blog host, but how much of a degree in communications is the fluff of a politically correct spin and how much of the process of developing politically correct spins is really the misuse (and potential degredation of the perception of the field of communications and value of a degree in the same)?

    Translations available to ty for a price.

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