2007 Carolinas Joint Utility Coordinating Committees convention

Yesterday, I attended the 2007 convention of the joint North and South Carolina Utility Coordinating Committees. I was there to receive the Tom Crosby Award for safety leadership for my company from our friends with PUPS - the “call before you dig” people.

Having been very active in utility coordination efforts at both local and state levels, a lot of the people there have been long-time friends and partners on these issues, and it was good to see a lot of familiar faces. The presentations were helpful, and as always, neat presentations and giveaways from the vendors at the event.

An amazing thing about this business is that those who retire seldom really retire. They retire, take a year off, get bored, and then go work for someone else. Same faces, new places. This year was no different, and it was good to see some of those who’ve been such assets to my work coming back into the business, especially Marion Leaphart and Bill Seaborn.

It was good to meet one of my cohorts whose wife was elected the GOP Executive Committeeman from Spartanburg County, which is the home of Rick Beltram, one of the biggest fans of the Blogland. We hear he sings our praises often, and believe me, we think he's just a swell guy.

There was also a lot of buzz about the status of the SCDOT-related bills, as well as the appointment of Buck Limehouse as the new Executive Director of the SCDOT.

It was a great time, and special thanks to the folks from PUPS for the award, as well as picking up the tab for the overnight accommodations at the Myrtle Beach Hilton.

5 Response to "2007 Carolinas Joint Utility Coordinating Committees convention"

  1. west_rhino 4/5/07 12:17

    Congrats Earl!
  2. rick beltram 4/5/07 16:05
    seriously, we just think you're a blow-hard and a self-promoting asshole
  3. moye 5/5/07 12:31
    Can I call pups I need to plant a couple of azaleas.
  4. Anonymous 5/5/07 18:22
    how come you didn't invite us to come watch?
  5. Anonymous 5/5/07 18:28
    It's too bad more people don't realize how screwed up and misleading the whole "One Call before you dig" concept is here in South Carolina.

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