Giuliani tackles tough issues

Those who say that a fuller measure of Rudy Giuliani's record should be considered during the course of his candidacy for President, and we at the Blogland couldn't agree more. To help better educate our readers about 's record as Mayor of New York City, here are two videos which outline Rudy's efforts to tackle two major issues in New York City ...

Graffitti sucks:

Cracking down on Ferrets:

8 Response to "Giuliani tackles tough issues"

  1. Anonymous 30/5/07 12:42
    The Blogland of Earl Capps SUCKS
    The Blogland of Earl Capps EATS IT
  2. JET 31/5/07 00:38
    I was wondering when someone would post the Graffiti video. Well played Earl, Well played indeed.
  3. Earl Capps 31/5/07 07:43
    It's just like the Gerald's Tire commercial - wwwhhhheeeeeee ... just having fun!

    Thanks for tuning in and saying hello!
  4. JET 31/5/07 10:03
    No worries about the overlap. It is bound to happen sooner or later. Besides, you used it in a totally different format, which I was noting that I waiting to see the video in a political slant.

    Btw, just noticed that I never added "the BlogLand" to my links. Sorry for the oversight.

  5. Earl Capps 31/5/07 10:26
    Just wanted to make sure we were ok on that count. I like to make sure fellow bloggers get credit (and hopefully some traffic as well) when they should.

    That was a cool picture of Der Fuhrer ... oops, silly me, I meant Joe Riley, on your blogsite.
  6. Jet 1/6/07 12:37
    Thanks. Yeah, I do my best to site the sources of photos, clips, ideas, etc. It can get difficult during late night/early morning sessions when you grab a picture you want to use down the road and then forget where you found it, but at least we are trying.

    P.S. What's this Earl
  7. Earl Capps 1/6/07 23:35
    That seemed to lend itself to an easier to remember email address. I kept having to spell out "" because people just couldn't believe it was as simple as web-stop.

    When I give out the address "", they tend to get it rather easily.

    Yeah, we try, and for the most part, I think we do a better job giving each other credit than traditional media gives us when they scoop us.

    I love that Joe Riley poster ... and it will make it onto my blog at some point. Personally, I think he's an evil clone of Tim Kazurinsky.
  8. moye 2/6/07 14:52
    Go Rudy

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