SC GOP convention report

There are more details to come as today's SCGOP convention is taking its own sweet time today. However, in our first report, let us tip our hat to Rick Beltram.

In a rather surprising note, we found out that Mr. Beltram, the GOP chairman for Spartanburg County, is a great big fan of the Blogland. So much so that I when visiting my friends from the Spartanburg County delegation, I had to say hello to Mr. Beltram. I guess I must have caught him by surprise, seeing as how he couldn't find words to express his love of our work ... or take a shot at me.

Even he had, it would've been alright. Every convention needs a brawl on the floor, and believe me, this one could have used some excitement.

According to reports, he can't get enough of reading every word and punctuation mark on the Blogland, and we really appreciate him taking the time to think of us.

Stay tuned for all sorts of interesting convention news that I'll be sharing a little later this weekend, including the return of 1-900-Van-Hipp, thanks to some of our fans who we heard from today, and Lindsey Graham's cheering section ...

7 Response to "SC GOP convention report"

  1. Anonymous 19/5/07 14:14
    quit picking on rick. you know he is secretly jealous of your long hair, your cool checkerboard shoes, your taste in music, and most importantly, your ability to make the women in your life hate your guts.
  2. Moye 19/5/07 15:59
    Nice seeing you there Earl. Glad you got to me Ms. Anonymous. Ok I know she is going to read this but she is a nice lady and someone maybe to be reckoned with in years to come in the GOP is she wants to be. You should had got Karen down to speak. She was one person out of many I did not get to speak to today but she was looking great.
  3. Moye 19/5/07 16:06
    I do want to add a comment about Rick. The guy gets the people to show up in Spartanburg. He works hard and I believe he deserves his award and his time in the sun. He can come off at times a little abrasive but remember we live in a different world down south and what I mean is south of Columbia. Look at the elected party officials in the SCGOP we are not represented well in the south. Rick Beltram may be our Chairman one day. Congratulations Rick.
  4. Anonymous 20/5/07 03:45
    More crackers were there then at the Ritz cracker factory.

    Big deal.

  5. Anonymous 21/5/07 10:09

    If I were to say, discussing the NAACP convention "When they turned out the lights, all you could see was eyeballs and teeth" you'd take offense. If I said "More coons that midnight in the swamp" - that'd probabally piss you off. Racism is alive and well - in the Ty household. GROW UP.

  6. west_rhino 21/5/07 15:02
    Ty stole my costume!
  7. Earl Capps 21/5/07 15:44
    Come on, be nice to Ty. He can't help it.

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