SC GOP convention report, part 2

Again, it was a great time yesterday at the S.C. GOP convention. Due to the lack of hotly contested party races, there really wasn't much to do for a hack like me except to float around the place, meeting some of my fans, including Slick Rick, and talking with people with some of the presidential campaigns.

However, even though there was no free beer or good hard rock being played anywhere at the event, I still found some interesting and entertaining moments:

  • A modest amount of booing when Lindsey Graham argued in favor of compromising on immigration reform, cautioning "anything is better than the current system". A position with which I agree - anything is progress.

    While we're talking about the rampant Hispanic-bashing, I'd love for anyone to show me when Hispanics were caught plotting with Al Queda.

  • The over-the-top speech from (1-900) Van Hipp on behalf of Duncan Hunter, Congressman from California and Congressional candidate. As some remember, Hipp was the religious right's favorite candidate for the 1st Congressional District seat in 1994, only to lose to Mark Sanford in the GOP runoff. I was seriously expecting the guy's bombast to lead to him waving his fingers, shaking his face and proclaiming "I am not a crook".

    With his 1997 conviction for getting illegal campaign contributions via an elaborate phone sex credit card scam, one would think the Hunter people could find someone more credible to speak on his behalf (hint - don't invite me, I would do no better).

  • Thomas Ravenel being cut off in the middle of his endorsement speech for Giuliani when he ran out of time. Whoops!

  • The priceless look I got from Rick Beltram when, after I said hello to my friends in the Spartanburg delegation, I turned to him to say "Hey Rick, how ya doin'?"

    I think he wanted to deck me. Being just rows from the front of the stage, it would have given everyone a real floor brawl at a convention that otherwise didn't have one.

  • Last, but not least, getting the four Sanford boys to autograph the book they did about the Statehouse. My little one will love it.

It was also a good chance to meet and talk with some of my readers, and I really appreciate hearing from you all.

Senator Ceips was most gracious, in the wake of her recent win, not to mention Moye ... Ryan ... Wes ... Trey ... Bobby ... June ... Hugh ... Mark ... Thomas ... Mary ... Chuck ... Arthur ... Rod Jr. ... Katherine ... Bill ... Mary ... Annette ... Steve ... LaDonna ... Tim ... Elizabeth ... and of course RICK B ... and so many others that took a few minutes to say hello and let me know what you thought about my work, and your ideas for how I can make it better.

I look forward to seeing all of you again out there - but don't forget to take a few minutes to say hello and share your thoughts out here in the Blogland.

5 Response to "SC GOP convention report, part 2"

  1. Anonymous 20/5/07 22:34
    You think you're any better than Van Hipp?
  2. Earl Capps 20/5/07 22:55
    Hell, I know I'm not. But you can bet you'll never find me being selected to speak for a Presidential candidate.

    Unless it's a sure loser.
  3. Joshua Gross 21/5/07 10:55
    And I was even looking for ya, and still didn't see you!! Oh well, hopefully next time...
  4. Earl Capps 21/5/07 15:44
    josh, i wasn't that hard to find, as someone else noted my "long hair, your cool checkerboard shoes" in a commentary elsewhere on my blogsite. heck, i was all over the place and hardly spent time sitting with my county delegation.

    you should have asked around. someone would've gladly pointed me out and told you "there's that sonofa ... "

    you'll catch me around ... if nothing else, wait 'til i'm out on my company's jobsites in the Midlands, or come on down to the Lowcountry, or D&H barbeque in Manning.
  5. moye 21/5/07 16:12
    You were definitely getting around the place. This is the first convention I actually kept my seat in our delegation most the time. Usually I am out and about myself and probably should had done it this time but after putting out 1500 flyers while everybody else was home sleeping I had walked enough. Did you see Mike or was he in Flornece town for sure.

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