2010 Gubernatoral candidates

Andy Brack at the Statehouse Report takes a look at some of the potential candidates for Governor in the open 2010 race. A veteran of state politics, Andy's got some pretty good insights there, including:

Republicans - Henry McMaster, Bobby Harrell and Gresham Barrett
Democrats -
Inez Tenenbaum, Robert Barber, and Vincent Sheheen

Most of these names have the potential to run serious candidacies and appeal to wide ranges of voters, and none of Andy's picks look like bad ones at all.

Your thoughts?

8 Response to "2010 Gubernatoral candidates"

  1. west_rhino 11/7/07 11:51
    Though apt to be sheperded to a US Senate race, I think Steve Benajmin is a better option for the Dems.

    Barber, on ego alone, could well make a senate bid, mainly to reinforce name recognition for a Gubernatorial bid...

    2010 is still early for David Beasley to try again, McConnell would lose too much from the position he's consolidated, though a Ryberg or unseated Lindsey Graham seem possibles.

    Also curious omission is Charlie Condon from the litany of GOP possibles.
  2. Kankakee Moye 11/7/07 22:25
    Charlie Condon campaign for the governor would be a good thing for old cuz to do. Bet on my good friend Mark McBride the former Mayor of Myrtle Beach to go for this.
  3. west_rhino 12/7/07 12:26
    moye, I have to agree, Mark would make a decent governor, though I can see a few opponents toying with the sign outside Hooters.
  4. Chicago Ohare Moye 12/7/07 17:58
    If it was not for Hooters he would not have had any U S Seneate signs. Just like the Airline he went down.
  5. Anonymous 13/7/07 21:26
    You left out Joel Lourie, a winner for both the House and Senate in GOP territory, a mover and shaker in the legislature (to the extent that anybody not knee-jerk is able to move and shake). Fresh, sharp face and new blood unlike also-rans mentioned.
  6. Earl Capps 14/7/07 13:04
    I just tried to pull out three names from both sides of the story. Lourie could certainly be competitive, but I had to pick three and run with them.

    West - if Barber runs again and loses, it'll be three major defeats in a row. He'll be toast then.
  7. lake marion moye 14/7/07 21:16
    Barber is already toast Earl. Burnt.
  8. Anonymous 19/7/07 02:09
    with the POSSIBLE exception of Joel Loruie, I don't see a name here worthy of mentioning in connection to the Governors office . If Joel is really like his dad, mayby . If not , you need to start all over .

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