Attack mailing seeks to create false criminal associations

A copy of this mailing arrived in my email Monday afternoon, some 16 hours before voting started in the GOP runoff for the Berkeley County State Senate race. Since I was supporting a candidate in that race, it would have been unfair of me to discuss it then, but since the election is over, I can discuss it now.

Most of you know I supported State Representative Shirley Hinson for this seat, but for what it’s worth, Paul Campbell now has my support in his upcoming race against Democrat John West. Given the district’s demographics, which I knew well from having worked with the late Senator Mescher over the years, I’ll predict that Campbell slam-dunks West next month.

The mailing scan only showed the content side, but not the mailing side, which could have helped to identify the sender. That would have said a lot about the responsible party, and when I asked the email sender to scan and send me that page, or to even call or email to discuss, I never heard back.

The sender of the email was identified as kent killarney []. That is all I know about Kent, or whoever that person really was.

The creator of this piece placed Campbell’s picture between one statewide officeholder who was convicted and another who has been indicted and below a picture of his consultant, who we all have heard about … and heard … and heard. The visual placement tactic and the text (including the words “Rod Shealy’s crop”) had to have been intended to give the impression that Campbell was associated with these people and might even be controlled by his consultant.

While there is a considerable history of attacking Shealy in the hopes of hurting one of his candidates, voters in those races don't seem to be paying attention to those charges. Given this history, I’m not sure why someone thought such an approach would bear fruit this time. Regardless of if one believes this stuff is relevant or not, time and time again, the voters don’t seem to think it is. As the “customers” of the political process, the voters are always "right".

It is unfortunate that some people didn’t stick to the high road in that race, but judging from the election returns, the voters either didn’t pay attention, or didn’t believe what they’d seen. Once more, the "Bash Rod" approach came up short.

Presently, the source of this piece has yet to be determined, but some of us would like to know. If anyone can produce information as to the source of this mailing, such as the mail side which should show the postage information for the mailing (if you have a copy of this mail card, I’d love to see it in person), please send it to the Blogland. You can do it anonymously or not – either way, we promise to respect your wishes.

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  1. west_rhino 5/7/07 13:09
    Earl, I note that there is a larger crop gratuitously omitted that are associated with Rod. Arthur Ravenel, John Kuhn, Henry Brown come immediately to mind and I'm certain that you can fill in many more, absent Rod's CV with the litany of campaigns that have used his services, yet haven't the implicit convictions of liar, er flier.

    Logically, ther might be a connection if we had proof that Rod held a coke spoon under "T-Rav's" nose or made Charlie Sharpe go cockfighting. By the same fallacious logic, where is the James Island lobbyist for cockfighting to be associated with Mr. Sharpe or Al Gore III to be hung with young Ravenel?

    c'est la guerre
  2. Earl Capps 5/7/07 14:14
    I think most people expect they're not going to get something saying great things about the other side's supporters. Not having the time to discern truth from fiction, they choose to ignore what they don't understand.

    Campaigns must be relevant to be successful. Attempting to draw voters towards issues that aren't relevant to their everyday concerns usually fail.
  3. Anonymous 5/7/07 15:28
    I don't care about any of Mr. Shealy's past associates. What I do know is that he perpetuates lies and inuindos about opponents of his candidate, knowing that they are lies. A lot of folks might think that that is okay. I consider it dirty politics. I don't accept the notion that politics has to be dirty. It is indeed competition. I don't have any respect for anyone who thinks it is necessary to cheat to win and that it is okay. Shealy's won/loss record is impressive, but the way he wins stinks. I think the stench of his practices is catching up with him. I think it is great if he is loosing what has been a very lucrative deal. He is being shunned, and he should be. Not always, but some time, your dishonest past catches up with you. It is happening now with Mr. Shealy.
  4. Earl Capps 5/7/07 17:06
    Anon - while I can appreciate your concerns, I must point out that not all of Shealy's clients have been liars or criminals.

    While I've raised questions about some of what Rod does, much of his approach to campaigns is solid. He expects his candidates to work as hard as they can to get elected, and to push their supporters to make committments to be actively involved in their campaigns.

    If one supports a Shealy candidate, they are expected to have sign in their yard, list their name as a supporter, and actively work for the campaign. This creates a grass-roots army which has much to do with his candidates being successful.

    You do point out a sort of "downward sprial" effect, where one thing leads to another, and your claims may have some vaildity. However, many assume that Rod is a snake in the grass and everything he does is dirty. This arrogance often results in their defeats at the hands of Shealy's clients.
  5. Joshua Gross 6/7/07 09:22
    Strange question: where's the "Paid for By" language? I'm not at all convinced that this was done by the Hinson camp... If Merrill had printed this, he would've taken credit (IMHO). Has anybody tracked down the mail permit from the other side?
  6. RSM 6/7/07 18:30
    I've heard it was Capps, I've heard it was Merrill, I've heard SCRG, and increasingly I am hearing it was the Democrats in preparation for the West/Campbell race (and possibly testing out this piece for more '08 races.) Can't we call mailhouses or something to find out who actually did it and put this to rest?
  7. Earl Capps 6/7/07 21:46
    RSM - I agree, but what was emailed out was just the one page. If it was mailed, then the second side would have the mailing information, which would lead us to the guilty party.

    I asked the person who emailed it to me, SC Hotline and others to send me the back side, and they never did.

    Also, the quality of the image sent looks too good for them to have scanned a paper piece. It looks more like the originally-exported PDF file to me.

    I think someone put this together, couldn't get the mail budget, and emailed it out to stir the pot.

    A lot of people sure would like to know who did it. Since I'm getting blamed for it, I'm one of them.
  8. west_rhino 9/7/07 11:25
    Tis a shame and a note to the amateurs that play at black ops, that the pdf file didn't bear the ownership or registration of the copy of Acrobat that hoste its construction. Sometimes it would seem useful to skip registering a product...

    Also curious, whose bulk rate permit would appear on the missing back side... one could have played a cutsey cheap shot by dropping in one used by a third party, e.g Quinn or Cahaly to stir up some more crap.

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