Austin Whetsell and the Whetsell family

The SCHotline blog reports that Austin Whetsell, the son of GOP political consultant Walter Whetsell, was caught in a riptide yesterday afternoon while on a church mission trip to Mexico. A call to Starboard Communications' office confirmed this report is the real deal and not a prank.

At this time, Austin has not been found, and we certainly hope and pray that by some miracle, he will be found safe. Walter Whetsell has been a friend to the Blogland since long before there was a Blogland, but even if he wasn't, we'd still be pulling for him and his family right now. We hope that all of you will as well.

We at the Blogland ask for your thoughts and prayers for the Whetsell family. It sounds like they're going to need them. For the latest information, you can visit a blogsite set up by the Whetsell's church at

If you're a blogger, please consider putting up a posting to show your support for Walter and his family.

All other postings on this blog are still here for your reading if you click on the "Older Posts" link below. Out of respect for Walter and family, we felt it was appropriate to remove the other postings from the main page. We'll put them back up in a few days.

7 Response to "Austin Whetsell and the Whetsell family"

  1. Anonymous 2/7/07 11:30
    Walter and I probably couldn't disagree more, but right now, I'm with him and his family all the way.
  2. Anonymous 2/7/07 12:12
    Our prayers are certainly with Walter and his family. Lexington Presbyterian Church has set up a blog with updates. It can be found here:
  3. Daniel 2/7/07 20:47
    I went to high school with Walter and I just received a phone call from friends in Greenville SC about this same event. Thanks for the blog with more detailed information. Our thoughts and prayers are with Walter. My wife and I will be praying that God's comfort will be with him and his family.
  4. Brian McCarty 2/7/07 22:45
    What a tragedy, My prayers are with the family. May God be with them and comfort them.
  5. moye 5/7/07 22:58
    Of course my prayers are with this family.
  6. KARINA 9/7/07 10:40
    Soy miembro de la Iglesia Vida Nueva en Zihuatanejo,Gro. sólo quiero decir que nuestras oraciones están con la familia Whetsell, sabemos que Dios mandará paz a sus corazones. Los amámos en Cristo.
  7. Anonymous 9/7/07 17:06
    Remember the Fifteen years and know your son loved you and he knows you loved him. There is no blame. When God does something you will never change it. Just know God needed him for something far more important in Heaven than anything he could have done here.

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