Capps announces bid for State Treasurer

In a press conference today, Earl Capps, a Summerville resident, confirmed that he would be willing to serve as the next State Treasurer, if chosen by the General Assembly on Friday.

Capps, 36, is the publisher of the Blogland of Earl Capps, a well-read South Carolina blog covering politics, hard rock, religion and research in the field of communication. Recently, during an informal poll of his readers as to who should be the next State Treasurer, he led the candidates, prompting discussion of a possible candidacy for the office.

Following the overwhelming wave of support from his readers, Capps said he decided to try his luck at winning the appointment. "If the people want me to give up a real job for this, I promise they'll get exactly what they deserve," he said. Speculation about what that might be grew after he was seen yelling into his cell phone "next week, it's free beer and hookers".

Columbia political observers responded quickly. "What the f***?", asked House member Carl Gullick (R-York), while Brian McCarty, a well-known political commentator cautioned "if he's appointed, oh s***, watch out for what happens next".

Representative Converse Chellis (R-Summerville), who represents Capps' neighborhood in the State House, was not concerned. "We think someone put him up to this," he said. "Even he'll admit he's not qualified for the job."

Fellow blogger Mike Reino defended his candidacy: "the guy is serious. He's got endorsements, and he's even got a Dirty Harry quote for a cool campaign slogan. Step aside and let him lead our state to ... well, he'll take it somewhere."

19 Response to "Capps announces bid for State Treasurer"

  1. plover wisconsin moye 30/7/07 21:44
    I am trying to get a flight out of Wisconsin tonight to Columbia to make sure my contacts are on Mr. Capps side. Friday will be here soon. Tried to call Reino but he is on the phone with his supporters talking the Capps campaign up with them.
  2. wisconsin moye 30/7/07 21:45
    Just got a phone call from Celestine up in the Capital and she is on your side and is calling the Sixth District people now.
  3. Anonymous 31/7/07 00:50
    If you are black, I am with you brother, we need more black power.

    crackers can go to hell.

  4. Reformation 31/7/07 01:54
    Wow, a guy with a real job not in the General Assembly. Just like Barbara Nielson the first time she ran, you have my vote and support. But, it is a done deal the General Assembly has one of it's elite club and no rules like the ethics stuff and the PSC.

    Speaking of ethics stuff, is it ethical for the General Assembly to elect one of it's own. Let's give those dead beats a call and see if they actually follow the equal protection clause of the US Constitution. If GA members are forbidden from PSC, and lobbying until an amount of time has expired then should the same "cooling off" period not be required of this slot.
  5. reformation 31/7/07 01:55
    PS: Go Capps, the metal voice! The one politician,hopefully, that will only do pepsi and will not be caught dead in a cock ring.
  6. Anonymous 31/7/07 07:23
    Earl, I have two questions about issues that seem to have tripped up other statewide officials:

    1) How do you feel about cock rings?

    2) If I gave you a straw, what would you do with it?
  7. The Palmetto Scoop 31/7/07 10:04

    - The Palmetto Scoop
  8. Widowmaker 31/7/07 10:44
    We think that album review he just wrote was good timing.

    For the easy-money guys on the B&C board, letting Capps be the swing vote would mean that those who want to waste more money on tech college dorms and green bean museums should "Stand by for Pain".

    It's sad, but true, Capps is the best one in the running, so we've gotta be for him.

    Let's hope they've got plenty of ear plugs in the Treasurer's office.
  9. BulletBoys 31/7/07 11:03
    Dude, we thought we'd take a minute from hanging out in the LA gutters to let you know that YOU TOTALLY ROCK, DUDE!

    Since nobody listens to the song anymore, we thought we'd let you use our song "For the love of Money" as your campaign theme song:

    Some people got to have it, yeah
    Some people really need it
    Talkin' y'all do things, do things, do things, bad things with it
    Money, money, money, money
    Ooh, you gotta do things, do things, do things, do things good things with it
    Money, money, money, money
    For that mean
    Mean green

  10. Anonymous 31/7/07 12:24
    we hear he administers drug testing for his company. does that mean he can test himself, or whoever gets the job, just to make sure they're only doing excessive amounts of legal substances?
  11. west_bigfingers_rhino 31/7/07 14:00
    Earl, for the impartial test, we'll need you to turn your head and cough... we are going to be delayed until we decide who's going to administer that test though.
  12. mover & shaker 31/7/07 14:37
    Vote for Earl only if he promises to keep his blog going
  13. professor 31/7/07 18:00
    Ditto to Mover, the Blogland ROCKS!!!
  14. wisconsin moye 31/7/07 18:23
    Glad Ty is back
  15. Ring Master 31/7/07 18:38

    Your rise to political power has been stunning. You masterfully built a political machine that rivals the power and influence of the famous "Barnwell Ring!"

    Great things are in the future for S.C. as you bring honor and respect back to the Treasurer's office.

    Any chance you can do the same for the the Governor and mini-Governor?

    While you're at go ahead and settle things in the Mid-East, solve world hunger and would you help us dump our timeshare in south Florida?

    Good luck as Treasurer. If you get stuck remember you can always call Grady. He knows how to get'er done.

    Anonymous: Some may have called the Barnwell Ring a bunch of roosters, but it had nothing to do with chickens or male sex toys. Get your mind out of gutter.
  16. Anonymous 31/7/07 19:36
    I just saw your picture. You are a pasty white cracker. Someone lied when they told me you were a brother.

    You might be like the other cracker and use a brother and sell him out.

  17. Earl Capps 31/7/07 19:40
    My agenda will be simple - enjoy time with my kids, continue in school, as well as solitary single life that I'm leading these days.

    I'll also be sure to hire someone who knows what the hell they're doing as Deputy Treasurer. That should help a lot, because I don't have a clue.

    As for Grady, I think I'll leave him alone, except maybe to check in on him from time to time. A state which can't honor it's most devoted citizens and look out for them isn't a worth a rat's ass, in my opinion.

    I can probably help with the Middle East (nuke the region) and world hunger (nuke those regions too), but as for your timeshare, you're just S-O-L, buddy.
  18. Earl Capps 31/7/07 19:44
    Anon - if I had a straw, I'd blow spitballs at my kids with it.
  19. honkytonker 31/7/07 21:39
    Do not fret, Earl told me privately he does not want to buy the battleflag vote, he just wants to rent it for the day. So, I think he is an undercover brother.

    However, those funky metal head hairdos are to worry about, and those civil rights angles on the selection process being limited to the GA are just another "honky private club".

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