Environmentalists attack McCain

Environmental groups attacked the Presidential campaign of Senator John McCain for what they termed as "irresponsible waste of energy".

This came after reports of mass staff losses by the McCain campaign after lackluster fundraising and a failure to make headway at winning over undecided GOP voters, while recent Presidential race entrants Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson have since won over large numbers of those uncommitted voters.

"The last person has left the building, but the lights were not turned off", said Ima Trehug, of the National Environmental Conservation Movement. "If he was any kind of leader on environmental issues, when the last person left his campaign, the lights truly would have gone off".

McCain promised to look into the matter. Sources close to the Arizona Senator said that the failure to turn off the lights really wasn't that important, as they were expecting the power to the campaign headquaters to be cut off at anytime due to lack of campaign funds.

16 Response to "Environmentalists attack McCain"

  1. schiller park moye 12/7/07 23:21
    McCain is done. I really believe this. Wonder if he will mount a third party campaign or join with Hilliary.
  2. Anonymous 13/7/07 08:23
    i don't know what his future plans are, but they should include taking the bums who blew his cash and wrecked his campaign and kick them square in the tail.
  3. Anonymous 13/7/07 09:23
    that wasn't a very nice thing to say!!!
  4. west_rhino 13/7/07 15:39
    Yup, sticka fork in and take him off the grill, only question remaining is yella sauce, vinegar/pepper sauce or ketchup red sauce?

  5. Anonymous 14/7/07 06:32
    Get out you fork and put in Mc
    Cain's Presidential campaign. It is done Well done.
  6. Anonymous 14/7/07 06:37
    Richard Quinn and AG hENRY want the bbq to last, but this one is over. It is down to three: Rudy, Romney and the guy from Law and Order with the hottie wife.

    Who cares about McCain?

    Got any nude pics of the Law and Order wifey?
  7. Santee moye 14/7/07 21:13
    WR let us have the Vinegar base sauce tonight please.
  8. Earl Capps 15/7/07 00:10
    I'll second Moye's recommendation.
  9. Midland Cat 15/7/07 01:26
    There isn't a sauce for this overdone bird.
  10. lake marion moye 15/7/07 10:12
    Hey Midland Cat did I tell you I ate a real cat in Sri Lanka a long time ago and there was no sauce that would keep it from tasting like shi-. That would be the word if proper to use on how this campaign is now.
  11. west_rhino 15/7/07 22:20
    Welllllll, after the shameless flag issue at Boss Bull's after the 2000 debate, Maurice's yella sauce is not offered, gonna have to consider Hite's or Shealey's and I don't think any kin of Rod's would offer up their yella lest it was to toast the sinking ship. Vinegar and pepper it is, though round Hogeye, near Cow Tail, Yankees have been enoucraged to put lots of that "red gravy" the meat and rice....
  12. And the horse they rode in on...... 16/7/07 01:21
    Yes, it is definitely a shame that the eaders put in charge caused McCain's misfortunes. It was not really the issues. For one, immigration, there are still 13 - 20 million here illegally. So, what are the other candidates plans? How? Where? When?
    With basic screw up like that not been spun back, and articles detailing expense accounts of "top" level politicos coupled with egos and misnomers such as, comparisons to Rove and Carville it is truly the "alleged" management's(Weaver, Nelson) fault.
  13. Red Shirt 16/7/07 02:15
    It looks like McCain chose mustard sauce from another great politico. From his FEC disclosure:
    MAURICES BBQ 151.31
    Does that mean he is pandering to the secessionist now?
  14. Anonymous 18/7/07 09:06
    one does have to wonder who the bigger losers is - mccain or the jerks who worked for him.
  15. Anonymous 19/7/07 11:34
    now that you're attacking him, it should help him win, just to spite you.

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