Following the Money: Ross Shealy & House #79

Ross Shealy presents an excellent bit of research of the concentration of out-of-state campaign cash. His findings piggyback on findings I reported on last year in Representative Bill Cotty's re-election campaign.

Ross' research is dead-on as his taste in BBQ, and his wit is just as good:

But votes in District 79 don’t come as cheap as some folks think: Letts earned a thousand fewer votes than he did petition signatures, and Cotty edged out his Democratic opposition just under 300 votes.

96% of an SC legislative campaign funded by the out-of-state voucher lobby... For a little perspective, there is more actual fruit juice in a box of Hi-C fruit drink than there was actual SC funding for Mr. Letts.

While I support school choice, which seems to be a major litmus test for these outside contributors, I don't support the wholesale buying of our state's elected offices to reach that goal.

2 Response to "Following the Money: Ross Shealy & House #79"

  1. schiller park moye 12/7/07 23:18
    How much fruit is in a box of HI C anyway.
  2. Anonymous 13/7/07 08:24
    not much moye, maybe 10%.

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