Governor Sanford endorses Tim Scott, incites a riot

Chanting "no games, more cooperation", supporters of State Treasurer candidates Earl Capps and Converse Chellis set aside their differences to storm the Governor's office in an effort to "clean house".

After Sanford called upon legislators to appoint Charleston County Council Chairman Tim Scott (R-North Charleston) to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, supporters of Capps and Chellis seemed puzzled and silent, until a denim and leather clad supporter of Capps yelled "rock and roll". After that, the suddenly enraged crowd charged Sanford's office.

While the Governor and most of his staff escaped unharmed, two budget staffers, Pork and Barrel, were not so fortunate. Barrel was captured and served up to the crowd on a hastily-constructed BBQ pit, and Pork was reported missing.

While several political commentators at the scene could not agree on the reason for the Governor's endorsement, they all agreed that Barrel was a tasty line item and hoped that Pork would soon be found.

11 Response to "Governor Sanford endorses Tim Scott, incites a riot"

  1. Anonymous 31/7/07 16:14
    Me thinks someone has been snorting some ajax at the mansion
  2. dawber71 31/7/07 18:09
    Hey Earl, Let's hope it's some good BBQ. Hmmm. Yes I am alive and well. Tell the crazies I said hello.
  3. plover county wisconsin moye 31/7/07 18:19
    Most BBQ pits in Williamsburg county looks like this
  4. plover wisconsin moye 31/7/07 18:20
    Did I say this half the Williamsburg county BBQ looks like this.
  5. Earl Capps 31/7/07 19:43
    Dawber, I'd tell them, but since they all seem tuned into this blog, I'm sure they'll find out soon enough.

    ... and I'm sure they all love you too.
  6. Anonymous 31/7/07 19:44
    where is the brother in this race? It looks like a cracker beauty contest.

  7. wisconsin rapids moye 31/7/07 23:16
    Ty is on a roll gotta love it
  8. Anonymous 31/7/07 23:29
    10 seconds to love. 10 seconds to earl as treasurer. come on baby, just 10 second to love, I mean earl.
  9. Anonymous 1/8/07 02:01
    i think pork was located, and darn good eatin' too, if i might say so myself.

    i wonder what dawber would taste like?
  10. Anonymous 1/8/07 10:22
    anon 0201 - she'd taste like chicken, that is if she's a gamecock.
  11. Nette 1/8/07 14:59
    That picture is so gross! But I can't say anything considering my squirrel pictures back in November. lol

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