Shirley Hinson for the Senate - Do it tomorrow

Those of you who know me well know that I tend to call 'em like I see 'em - even when I have to be big enough to swallow a little pride and do the right thing. That was a major hallmark of my friend, Senator Bill Mescher, who I miss now that he's left us.

If you live in Berkeley County and want to do the right thing, then tomorrow, you'll join me in supporting Shirley Hinson for the State Senate in Tuesday's Republican run-off election.

Shirley Hinson has the experience, the connections, and is right on the issues - from fighting the tax-and-spend crowd on local school boards, supporting restructuring and reform of state government, to protecting Santee Cooper as a South Carolina-owned electrical and economic resource.

For eleven years in the House, and eight years on the Berkeley County School Board before that, she's been a hawk on fighting taxes and listening to her constituents. Your vote to put Shirley in the Senate and will give a proven fighter a well-deserved promotion.

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