Who could be - or should be - South Carolina's next Treasurer? You decide!

Next week, the politicians will meet to pick a new state Treasurer. But this week, while the office is still vacant, we at the Blogland have decided to have some fun by holding our own non-binding election for this office.

While we can't offer the job to the winner of this contest, we promise to send the winner a bunch of change from one of the change jars laying around my house, so they can play Treasurer in their spare time.

So, who do you, the readers of the Blogland, think could be, or should be, our state's next Treasurer? Speak up and let's hear what you have to say!

26 Response to "Who could be - or should be - South Carolina's next Treasurer? You decide!"

  1. Anonymous 26/7/07 07:55
    bring grady back
  2. Anonymous 26/7/07 09:15
    converse chellis gets the job.

    but if given a choice, i'd pick kwadjo campbell, so we could continue the tradition of drug addicted republicans in that office.
  3. richland gop 26/7/07 09:27
  4. Anonymous 26/7/07 10:28
    For the State of South Carolina's benefit, Senator Ryberg would be the best choice.
    Since this state doesn't subscribe to the "weighted" vote for the election, but instead gives the margin to the House which has 124 members, and the Senate having only 46 members; it will be someone from the House.
    Representative Chellis is qualified, but Senator Ryberg is the better qualified.
    An opinion.
  5. west_rhino 26/7/07 11:12
    Chellis' selection is about the only way to open his seat for a Dem to take it. OTOH, Ken Wingate is, IMHO, as qualified as any of the above mentioned and would probably see a Jim Edwards endorsement.
  6. Anonymous 26/7/07 11:50
    keeping ken wingate would be a smart move. which is exactly why they won't do.
  7. The Palmetto Scoop 26/7/07 12:39
    Everyone seems to be missing the obvious choice: Earl Capps!

    We're pretty sure you could shore up most of the House vote Earl, but how are your Senate connections?

    - TPS
  8. Earl Capps 26/7/07 12:53
    TPS - that has to be the sickest idea I've ever heard. I would not seek the office, accept the post if elected, and would demand a recount, as well as drug tests for those legislators who did support me.

    I'm so grossly under-qualified for that office that it's not even funny ... but if you could find someone to run it while I collected the paycheck that came with the position ... now that might work.
  9. Stewart Flood 26/7/07 15:07
    No, the obvious choice is to bring Henry back from DC. He's harmed us enough up there, and he'd actually be less danger to us if he were sleeping at a desk in Columbia.

    Bringing him back would open up the seat and millions of dollars would pour into the Charleston area in advertising during the heated [and very negative] special election primary. Most of the candidates that might run would be getting their contributions from out-of-state donors, so this would be a positive effect on our economy.

    A sleeping Treasurer or a waterboy for Shrub remaining in DC? The choice is very clear. And I'm sure he'd love to get a jar of change...

    No offense to Earl, but Henry needs the job so that his state retirement benefits could be increased. He's only got two guaranteed pensions now, and they barely add up to two times the average income in South Carolina!
  10. Earl Capps 26/7/07 15:13
    How would that offend me? I work in the private sector and frankly like it that way.

    My 401K is booming these days, so I don't think I need a cushy state job to make retirement any easier.

    Whoever wants the job of Treasurer is welcome to it.
  11. Palmetto Bugs 26/7/07 17:57
    Run, Earl, Run! You are perfect for the job! If qualifications were a factor, Grady would've been re-elected, and TRav would be...

    ...well, right where he is now anyway.

    And your idea about drug testing the Legislature is great!

    As Treasurer your first official act could be to fund drug testing for all elected officials in S.C.

    ...bet you'd have more that one test "hot." It's like low country palmetto bugs in the kitchen. Find one, and you know there probably are more hiding under the counter.
  12. Palmetto Bugs 26/7/07 18:14
    Richland "goop" is probably Rod Shealy making a bad joke.

    Rick Quinn. Very funny. :)

    Rick is burnt toast. Besides, he's busy now with sham "grass roots" organizations and websites for SCRG and one of Mr. Money's other sham groups, NAWER.

    Rick Quinn for Treasurer. Funny!
  13. Anonymous 26/7/07 18:43
    converse is a nice fellow and probably has the votes, but regrettably it will be back to the future with sanford and eckstrom the conservative minority on the board
  14. Mall of America Moye 26/7/07 21:23
    I would like to see Rick Quinn but Ken would be ok to keep the job but bet on Ryberg who is ok also. At least he had a picture of me and his family on his web site when he ran the last time. Maybe that is why he lost.
  15. Twin Cities Moye 26/7/07 21:24
    One more thing I want that jar.
  16. Anonymous 26/7/07 21:54
    I think that representative Spratt should be our next treasurer. He has the budget experience, and is a good ol' democrat like mr. patterson. It's time that republicans learn when they abuse their positions of power, they must pay. I hope that a more competent man or woman will be put in charge.
  17. Anonymous 27/7/07 09:14
  18. west_rhino 27/7/07 09:16
    Well, I see that Ken says he doesn't want to keep the job, so I have to wonder if the murmurings about his opposing Lindsey (Graham, not Lohan) in a primary have merit.

    Stewart, I have to say that inciting the knife fight over the first CD has potential and its best payoff is perhaps for the SCLP, were that to occur. You wouldn't have a political interest there by any chance?
  19. Anonymous 27/7/07 10:00
    john spratt ... interesting idea there. an open race in the 5th might give the GOP a shot at the office, but while spratt has considerable budget experience in washington, would he want to give up the big time for a virtual closet in columbia?
  20. Earl Capps 27/7/07 10:49
    Bugs - I don't know who you are ... but man, oh man, i LOVE your sense of wit. I don't have many comments that make me bust out the way your first one did.

    I keep these oral drug test kits in my car for work. Construction has lots of drug test points - pre-hire, post-accident, random screen, reasonable suspicion, and others. I'm the one they call on.

    If you see a man with a shovel trying to dig up a concrete sidewalk, or a legislator thinking I may be qualified to be State Treasurer ... that person is nothing less than stoned out of their mind, and probably worse. In any event, such a person should be considered extremely dangerous in their state of mind.

    Ask anyone who knows me. It's enough of a struggle to balance my own checkbook and put money into my own retirement fund.

    If the people of this state put me into that office, I promise I will give them exactly what they deserve - good and hard.

    But if our next Treasurer feels the need to prove his or her "innocence", I will be glad to administer the oral swab test, and in minutes, we'll know the truth.

    At least about their drug usage.

    The rest of it ... we'll leave to the feds and confessing interns ...
  21. west_rhino 27/7/07 21:41
    Geez, it sounds like Earl would never live in a state that would elect him...

    Sorry Earl, old Marxist thought.
  22. Magnum Force 28/7/07 14:44

    The great political philosopher, Harry Callahan, once said:

    "A man's got to know his limitations...
    Magnum Force (1973)

    That's why you're perfect for the job. Plus, you don't really want it, and we suspect you're already being regularly drug tested.

    On top of that you seem willing to push aside the political rhetoric (sometimes). ;) At least you don't always let rhetoric get in the way of common sense.

    Monday morning we'll call a few members of the Legislature on your behalf.

    With your qualifications and our solid connections, you're as good as elected.

    Just remember to stay away from cock fights and illegal drugs, don't punch the wall, speed, run red lights or charge at policemen, and you'll be expected to promise not to use your state car for out of state family vacations. Call Rod Shealy if you have any questions.

    Your inauguration ball is already scheduled at Eva's Restaurant in the main ballroom.
  23. Anonymous 28/7/07 21:25
    I'm sure Earl will promise to leave the cock rings alone

    Since his dad's a cop, he's probably going to be nice to them. Otherwise, they'll pull guns out and make him poo-poo his pants on Assembly Street.

    But if he's got a good job in the private sector, why would he want to mess about with a political job? Believe it or not, some of us are smart enough to quit while we're ahead.

    Those who aren't ... run for office.
  24. Anonymous 28/7/07 21:25
    Earl, before we can support putting you in public office, what is your position on cock rings?
  25. iowa moye 29/7/07 22:56
    Run Earl Run
  26. Make My Day 30/7/07 17:32

    Looks like your election in Blogland was a success, and you have won by a landslide. Get your acceptance speech ready, you're going to need it!

    Earl for Treasurer!!

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