Andy Brack makes points about environmental responsibility

Over at the Statehouse Report, Andy Brack talks about the importance of individual responsibility in addressing environmental concerns:

Bottom line: It's not terribly hard to be greener because there are numerous things you can do that save energy and money without dramatically impacting your day-to-day routine.

Governments have a major role to play in reshaping the South to be greener. But if everybody does just a little bit to conserve energy and cut down on greenhouse gases - without major impacts on the quality of their daily lives - the South would become a greener place.

He makes a number of smart, affordable and easy recommendations that can make a difference, some of which have been done around the Capps household.

  • I replaced the light bulbs in my house with CFL bulbs, which last longer, give off less heat (always a good thing), and save electricity.
  • I did a tune-up on my car recently, replacing the spark plugs, wires and distributor on my car, taking less than 30 minutes to increase my gas milage at least 10 percent.
  • To shade one side of my house that had no tree cover and give kids something fun to do next year, I planted an orange tree and a tangerine tree this summer (saves electricity too).
Politics aside, these are just smart ideas that pay for themselves, and reduce our impact upon the world around us.

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  1. Harris County Texas Moye 28/8/07 22:28
    Somebody ought to come here to Houston Metro and tell these guys something about green house gas.
  2. west_rhino 29/8/07 14:39
    Not the dreaded deadly radioactive compact flourescent bulbs? Those bulbs have a terace amount of an alpha emitter to help the starter light them up almost as quickly as a regular incandesent bulb. Were that the LED lamps were offerd at a more reasonable price, though the industrial waste side of that equation, toxic heavy metals, leaves a no win (according to some) solution. I don't buy the no win side of the LED lamps though as they use less current than the cfbs AND may last a decade or two, really offsetting the incremetal toxic waste stream per unit.

    Earl, I will take issue with the "greenhouse gases" farce. We need the CO2 for photosynthesis, but the main actual "greenhouse gas" is water vapor and as long as there is sunlight reaching our oceans, there will be more "greenhouse gases" in the atmosphere, so much that those due to human activity are negligible.

    I'll grant that airbore pollutants are a different issue and on the energy side, we'd do better to have more nuclear and hydro power coming on line, rather than the coal and oil powered choices of the "evil liberal yankee northeast".

    Just my two centavos
  3. Anonymous 30/8/07 12:05

    You may also take issue with the idea of "global warming." But, you may want to first read the article "Will climate change devestate coastal property insurance?" in Coastal Heritage Magazine. Some folks in Mississippi cannot purchase insurance at any price.
  4. west_rhino 31/8/07 15:06
    anon, I appreciate your digression, but I decline your invitation to stray into the realm of special multi peril coverage, inland marine coverage, et al.

    There is more there in actuarial gambling that never accounted for the inflation of real estate and construction prices than actual global warming impact written for decorative magazines on elitists coffee tables and wating rooms.
  5. Anonymous 2/12/07 08:03
    check out

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