Capps to quit Treasurer's race and endorse Chellis

In a press conference, Lowcountry political blogger Earl Capps angrily ended his short-lived campaign for State Treasurer, throwing his support to State Representative Converse Chellis.

Everything about this last-minute personal sneak attack is reminiscent of the worst of the "good ol' boy" style of politics that Converse's critics accused him of embracing - whisper smear campaigns based upon deception, strategic disclosures, and masked identities. Further, I'm personally offended to see friends drug into this sort of self-serving assassination politics, including Converse, who is my friend and Representative, and Palmetto Scoop, who was so supportive of my candidacy.

We saw such smear tactics used by the Nazis to gain political power. I see no real difference in what was done today to Converse. I'll be dammed if I'm going to support this sort of reckless "anything goes" power grab. In a free society, the ends never justify the means. I don't care who you are or how important you think your cause may be.

When asked who he felt was responsible for the attacks, he offered "some chickenshit, that's all I know at this time. Just sniff around and when you find a revolting stench, you'll know you're close".


I want to thank all of my readers who hatched up this crazy notion that a total outsider could be, and should be, trusted with the responsibility of the office of Treasurer. The unsolicited outpouring of support from across the state and beyond was more than I ever expected, and certainly more than I deserved.

While I'm sure y'all wanted me to stay in this until the votes were cast Friday afternoon, I felt that a statement had to be made about the attacks on Converse. For those I haven't met in person, I hope to meet each of you in person to thank you personally for your support.

Me running for Treasurer may have been a crazy idea, but then again, that's what they said about those head jobs who signed the Declaration of Independence. Look what they started.

Thanks for believing in me, but more importantly, thanks for believing in the little guy ... and in the power of your own voices to shake things up. From the days in 1991 after the "little guys" turned back the tanks and fought the power of Soviet Communism in the streets of Moscow, here's a video for all of you:

... you rocked, and I salute YOU.

8 Response to "Capps to quit Treasurer's race and endorse Chellis"

  1. poli sci student 1/8/07 20:41
    On the bright side, we are comforted to know that the Blogland's future is now safe.
  2. Minneapolis moye 1/8/07 20:45
    At least you kept it clean.
  3. Earl Capps 2/8/07 00:57
    Poli Sci, how does this change anything about the Blogland's future?

    Haven't you heard the allegations that I'm on the take?
  4. Remaining Yellow Dog 2/8/07 01:11
    What would Strom or Ben Tillman do? I am writing you in when I get the say on who to vote for,regardless.

    Next, maybe with all the restructuring efforts and the Governor not getting along with anyone "WE" should go back to having a Governor elected by the General Assembly. First, we will have a consensus builder in place. Second, it will stop all these B- rated attacks that have happened with the leftover campaign cash. By this little Machiavellian power play he has really alienated everyone there.Sad, but so, true. Although I support Sanford's ideas, his leadership and management of people stinks.

    Don't blame me I voted for Hodges! And I voted for Patterson. The rest of my ticket went GOP, but I did not vote in the last Gubernatorial race.

    Bring back Sam Nunn, Hollings, and that type. Of the new era Democrats I do like James Smith, and Joel Lourie,but have yet to see the others perform. The old southern Democrat does appear gone though...... A shame.
  5. poli sci student 2/8/07 13:50
    I never fell for those charges. They probably originated with the MSM. They were trying to impugn your integrity since they figured you'd soon be voting with the GOV and CG on the B&CB.
  6. Anonymous 2/8/07 14:00
    hey dude, you rock too.
  7. POLI SCI STUDENT 2/8/07 21:03
    Earl, we were just worried that if you'd get the Treasurer's job you might have to let the Blogland slide. Wish we could have both! It sure would be good to have your common sense conservative vote on the B&CB.
  8. sc sailor 7/8/07 22:20
    earl how about a run for gov in '10, you can put Blogland in a blind trust and pick it back up eight years later

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