Congratulations to Berkeley's Senator Campbell

After what had been a roller-coaster ride of a night, Paul Campbell pulled ahead to keep Berkeley County's Senate District 44 in the GOP column.

The intial reports I'd received first indicated a close race, and then a call that West was up by 700 and the Post and Courier was going to call it. About 40 minutes later, the final numbers were confirmed, and Paul Campbell will be the Senate's newest freshman member. While his margin of victory was far smaller percentage-wise than Bill Mescher's 2004 66% romp, with an open seat and a candidate of West's caliber, a closer margin was to be expected.

Congratulations go out to Paul Campbell for a job well done.

While two House special elections are ongoing in Beaufort and Dorchester Counties, the next major special election battleground will likely be the Savannah River Valley region, where seven candidates have filed to run for the swing State Senate district recently given up by predatory lending vulture Tommy Moore.

Stay tuned - because you know we'll be watching ...

3 Response to "Congratulations to Berkeley's Senator Campbell"

  1. East Fork Des Moines River Iowa Moye 7/8/07 22:31
    Another Happy Ending
  2. Anonymous 20/3/08 22:58
    I do believe someone here is full of crap. Paul Campbell handily beat John west with 17pt lead. That is a mandate.
  3. Earl Capps 20/3/08 23:16
    A Democrat running for that seat never should have broken 40%. When I ran Bill Mescher's final campaign, in 2004, we spent about 15K and still won 66% to 34% ... thirty-two points.

    But that's old news.

    Paul's doing a good job, and we think he's done so well that he's earned a full term in the Senate. Give him a full term in the Senate and we're betting that he'll be able to win by similar margins.

    Next time, don't take eight months to respond, ok?

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