Converse Chellis for State Treasurer

For those who've followed the saga of Thomas Ravenel, the last few weeks have been disappointing indeed. On Friday, the General Assembly meets to elect a Treasurer who will serve out Ravenel's term in office.

Our first choice to fill this office would have been Ken Wingate, who has served as Interim Treasurer since Ravenel's indictment. His experience with financial management and enthusiasm for public service made all the difference in heading off a potential crisis following Ravenel’s indictment and subsequent suspension. Had he desired to remain in this office, Wingate likely would have done an outstanding job. Unfortunately, he has chosen to serve only until either Ravenel was cleared or a permanent replacement chosen. We’re sorry to see him leave, and hope he will continue his commitment to public service in other capacities.

With Ken Wingate no longer an option, the Blogland will hereby endorse State Representative Converse Chellis for the office of State Treasurer. Chellis' professional background as a CPA, along with his eleven years of legislative experience, puts him ahead of others who have shown interest in being appointed to this office.

There have been considerable questions as to whose side he would take in the ongoing battles between Budget and Control Board members. Often, the Blogland sides with Governor Sanford and Comptroller Eckstrom on fiscal issues, and we hope that Chellis will consider their points of view with an open mind. Chellis is known for being quiet, deliberate, and willing to buck the crowd when he has reached a decision. We hope he will apply this same approach to deciding how to vote on the important issues that come before this board.

Last year, the Blogland supported State Senator Greg Ryberg for this office. Given the issues and qualifications of the candidates seeking this office at that time, he stood out as our favorite. While we always appreciate Greg's willingness to serve as well as his outspoken manner on many issues, Chellis' qualifications make him the most qualified of the given candidates in this race.

In spite of the widespread series of attack campaigns being waged against Treasurer candidates, this endorsement, as well as the ending of the Capps for Treasurer campaign, was not motivated by a payoff incident which allegedly took place in Florence last night. In fact, we ask those involved in the race to look solely at the qualifications of the candidates and disregard these false and misleading rumors.

Representative Converse Chellis is the candidate most qualified to fill the office of State Treasurer, and as such, deserves an opportunity to serve the people of South Carolina in this office. On Friday, the Legislature would be wise to give him that opportunity.

3 Response to "Converse Chellis for State Treasurer"

  1. Save the Earl 2/8/07 19:50
    Remember the great and immortal philosopher Bluto who once said:

    "Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now!" (Animal House 1978)

    In kitchens and beer joints all over S.C. "Earl Supporters" are uniting for his write-in campaign.

    If Strom can, so can Earl:

    The paid political hacks attack Earl because they know he has the support and resources to win.

    They spread slimy unfounded rumors. They send anonymous emails. They use fake email addresses. They run with scissors.

    Ignore the paid political hacks and the pandering bloggers who post or do anything to attack those they do not agree with them. For example:

    Write In - Earl for Treasurer
  2. Anonymous 3/8/07 10:46
    We hear that OJ has named Converse Chellis as the real killer.

    What do you have to say about this?
  3. Easler Highway Moye 3/8/07 19:21
    How did I miss this oh yea I was off line in Minnesota

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