Dangerous Toys rocks!

From out of Austin, Texas, Dangerous Toys made a splash back in 1989 with their hard-rockin' sleaze metal debut self-titled album. Produced by Max Norman, who produced albums for Loudness, Megadeth and Ozzy Osborne, it went gold and once in a while, a track from this album makes it on Sirius satellite radio's Hair Nation channel.

This is a kick-ass album that if you can find on Ebay easily enough if you look for it, and it's well worth your ten bucks or so to get your hands on it.

While there are a lot of great songs on this album, my favorite tracks are Scared and Queen of the Nile:

She makes me shudder
She makes me shake
At night i think and i want
to take her away
Rainbows are on her face
Visions of tattooed chains
Egyptian rain in my world
A princess on her throne

Queen of the nile
Love me like an earthquake
Queen of the nile
Please let me be
your king

... and we close the review by presenting a YouTube archive of their video for "Scared":

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