Go see Michael Graham on the 23rd

I've known Michael for years, and enjoyed his pointed humor. Regrettably, his "Usual Suspects" column, well-known for bringing the conservative point of view to many alternative papers around the region, will be coming to an end.

But before it does, he's coming to Charleston on Thursday, August 23, and if you're looking to laugh your ass off about the good, bad, and ugly of South Carolina politics, you should be there. I'll be there:

A column that began with his banishment from South Carolina Public Radio fifteen years ago will come to an end when author, comedian and former GOP political consultant Michael Graham “Rounds Up the Usual Suspects” at Theatre 99 on Thursday, August 23rd.

Graham spent six years as a national, touring comedian, working with performers like Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld. In 1992, he returned to South Carolina to begin a career as a GOP political consultant. This special one-time-only performance will be Graham’s first stage appearance since his successful 1997 one man show “Strom Thurmond’s Love Child Tells All.”

“It’s a part of my past that many of my readers aren’t familiar with, but the truth is, I spent years staying up late, doing blow and partying with my friends,” Graham confesses. “That’s right—I was once state treasurer of South Carolina.”

... I'll see you there!

4 Response to "Go see Michael Graham on the 23rd"

  1. Iowa Moye 13/8/07 22:05
    If in town I will see you there.
  2. Anonymous 14/8/07 08:55
    he's a liar, i won't be going.
  3. Dakota County Minnesota Moye 15/8/07 18:02
    No Graham lies. Just misunderstood.
  4. Anonymous 22/8/07 15:31
    i won't go, because you are wierd and will be drunk

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