Have a great weekend

My apologies to my readers who've gotten used to expecting a high volume of relevant discussion of South Carolina issues on this blogsite. It's been a hectic week and I just haven't felt as inspired to write this week.

I could say that losing the Treasurer's race was a downer, but when one considers that I got as many votes as the guy the Governor endorsed, I didn't do so bad.

In any event, I'm looking forward to having a weekend off. Look for me to be out and about with my little one. Hopefully, I'll feel recharged when I get back.

Even though it's gonna be as hot as a mo-fo out there, go out there and make it a great weekend!

2 Response to "Have a great weekend"

  1. Greeleyville moye 17/8/07 17:04
    you can bet I will
  2. Anonymous 22/8/07 15:29
    have a lousy weekend

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