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To help give y'all a little bit of a peek inside in the odd and quizzical mind that is behind the Blogland, I thought I'd do something a little different than your standard Q&A. I asked a friend of the opposite gender to write up and interview and agreed to answer them all, as best as I could. The end result is this interview, which I'm sharing with all of you.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments if you'd like. I might even answer some of them.

Where were you born, and where have you lived most of your life?

I was born in Charleston at Roper Hospital. While I’ve lived in the Lowcountry most of my life, an honorable second place goes to York County.

What got you into blogging?

I wanted to increase the volume of regular writing I was doing, since I was in grad school. Oddly enough, even though my political blogging is responsible for a lot of the readership I get, as well as comments, I spent most of the first year boycotting political discussion so I could explore new areas and subjects.

What are your favorite blogs to read?

Faith in the Sound, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mike Burleson’s New Wars, and Mike Reino’s SC6. If Andy Brack had one, I’d read it. He comes from the left, usually, but he’s far more concerned about solving problems than defending any sort of political orthodoxy. He’s someone I can agree with some, and respect a lot.

Which issues are you most concerned about?

Workforce development, cracking down on predatory lenders, higher education reform, and reining in taxes and spending in state government.

How would you describe yourself, philosophically?

Pragmatically conservative on most issues. I’m not going to expend eighty percent of my effort and political capital to accomplish the least important twenty percent of my agenda. I also believe that in the long run, it’s best to give a little, so long as we get a little in return, and remember that those we disagree with are often disagreeing with us over the means by which we make South Carolina a better place, not the need for those improvements.

Name three living people you would most like to meet?

Ed Rollins (major GOP political consultant), Rob Halford (the lead singer for Judas Priest), and Pope Benedict.

Where do you go to get away?

A waterfall on South Carolina Highway 11 in northern Greenville County, between the town of Cleveland and the turnoff to Caesar’s Head. Forget the beach – cool, clear water, shady, quiet, and never a crowd.

What do you do for a living?

I am responsible for corporate communication and special research projects for a construction general contractor. I also assist the HR director and Safety manager when they need anything in my division of the company.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy traveling in my car, especially listening to my music. I’ve got a ton of CDs and talk about a lot of my music favorites on my blog. I read a lot – especially history and action adventure novels. I did recently buy an electric guitar that I hope to learn to play one day, but I’m not sure when that will happen. Also, my graduate school studies take up a lot of time these days, along with the occasional conference or effort to submit something I’ve done for publication.

When do you graduate? What do you plan to do academically, if anything?

My last coursework will be completed in December, then I write my thesis. Tentatively, I plan to graduate in the spring of next year. There is talk that I may get to teach a class or two at night as an adjunct, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. As for where I go next, right now, I think my Masters’ degree is plenty enough. I’ve been going to college half or full time non-stop for eight years, and three degrees is plenty. Maybe one day I’ll pursue a doctorate, but not TO-day.

Religious beliefs? Do you attend church often?

I was raised Southern Baptist, but now I’m an Eastern rite Catholic. Melkite Catholic to be exact – one of the formerly-Orthodox churches that reconciled with Rome and are once more part of the Catholic Church. But with some quirks – married clergy, regular bread instead of communion wafers, chanted liturgies, and priests facing forward, to name a few. When I'm in town on Sunday, I'm usually downtown at Sacred Heart at 9am sharp.

Nothing personal against Southern Baptists, but what I’m doing now works for me. To be honest, I had tuned out of religion years ago, but during the divorce in 2003, I had a “re-awakening”. I haven’t achieved sainthood by any means, but I do finally accept that there is a God who has created this universe, and he has entrusted us with that universe, and that we should try to think and act responsibly. I don’t always do a good job of that, and sometimes, I’ve done a terrible job. But I pray a little, ask for forgiveness and the strength to face myself and the world, and try a little harder the next time.

What about your family?

My father just retired from the City of Charleston Police Department and lives in Charleston. I’ve got a wonderful five year old sister, and three brothers younger than me, but much older than my sister. My mother married again and is living in Spartanburg. She teaches at a Montessori school up there. As for me, I’m still single, four years after becoming that way, yet again.

You’re single, is that likely to change anytime soon?

Let’s just say I’m not going to say one way or another. When I get my hopes up and try really hard, things turn to crap. When I don’t bother, things happen and I miss the opportunity. Sometimes, I think the best thing to do is give up and become a hermit, but I hate the prospect of spending the rest of my life alone. But I do believe that God has created someone truly wonderful, and who is much better than I deserve. If she’s smart, she’ll avoid me like the plague, but if she’s not, then I hope and pray for the opportunity to be at least a small partner in helping make all of her dreams come true and that I'll be worthy of her.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve been so grateful to my many readers. I’m amazed at the people I find who are reading this stuff, and that they actually like what I’m saying. I do hope they have the sense to balance this with information and insights from elsewhere, because one would be crazy to trust me as their only source of information. But I’m truly flattered to have the following I’ve built up, and it’s been one of the biggest honors of my entire life. There are very few times where I’d like to thank someone more, but yet I feel like saying “thank you” wouldn't come anywhere near expressing the degree of gratitude and appreciation.

6 Response to "I get interviewed"

  1. JMC 20/8/07 17:09
    My blog is one of your favorites? Wow, thanks. I'm still getting over being completely shocked when I stumble across a blog with mine in the blogroll. And do you know the PRESSURE that puts on me to come up with brilliant expressions of my brilliant thoughts? Oh, the agony...
  2. Widely Rumored 20/8/07 18:54
    Here's the question everyone was hoping for in your interview:

    Earl, it's widely rumored among the political elite of S.C. that you will be the leading candidate for Governor next election - if you decide to run.

    As the next Governor of S.C., what will be your top 5 priorities?
  3. Earl Capps 21/8/07 06:57
    First of all, I'd demand a recount if elected.

    Second, I'd invite all the legislators over for a cookout, featuring Pork and Barrel, to try to start off the next administration on the right foot.

    Third, I'd figure out how to think like Mark Sanford, but govern like Carroll Campbell so that something actually gets passed, without all the nasty hate trips.

    Fourth, I'd hold my first press conference for new media types only. Let The State and everyone go get their news leads from a blogsite for once - and see if they give a new media source the credit for once.

    Fifth, I'd quit the office and spend some time trying to get a life. After seven years of being in college at night, I'm really tired and want to get a life.

    How's the for a start?

    JEN: Of course I love your blog. As a parent, I can relate to this stuff ... it's so real. And to think, back in the James Island days, I hardly knew ya.

    Don't agonize. Just be you. That's why we tune in.
  4. JMC 21/8/07 09:41
    Speaking of James Island days, I don't know if anyone else from back then and there is lurking around the blogosphere, but I need a little help with something. Check out this post and let me know if you can give me any assistance. Thanks.
  5. williamsburg county moye 21/8/07 15:58
    Nice talking yesterday at least we agree on the new candidate status
  6. Anonymous 22/8/07 15:29
    tell the truth, sicko

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