Midlands Republican to seek Presidential nomination?

Bob Price is a Project Manager for my company's Midlands region. Media inquiries should call 803-331-4127.

4 Response to "Midlands Republican to seek Presidential nomination?"

  1. Oneida Indian Reservation Moye 23/8/07 12:07
    Tell him to come on up here where I am at the Oneida Indian Reservation in Wisconsin and we will talk to the Chief about an Endorsement.
  2. Anonymous 23/8/07 19:06
    Earl, is that you behind him with a knife? How many calls has he received?
  3. Brian McCarty 23/8/07 23:51
    This reminds me of a story I once heard about a woman from Saluda County running for President in the 1960s. Her name was Lucy Something another. I wish I could remember it. I remember the story because she was a friend of my great grandmothers and that she got on the ballot in the primary in 1968, I think.

    Isn't something to live in a society where someone with no chance at all can pitch themselves to become President?

    I guess they believe they will be like the Rev. James Garfield, and be some sort of out of the blue nominee for the office like he was in the 1800s.

    Who knows, but it is fun to watch.
  4. Anonymous 24/8/07 08:59
    do you really think anyone is going to believe this?

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