Now hiring: Political communication professor at Georgia State

I got this from one my academic groups. Without a PhD, I couldn't even be a candidate for this position, and after my bid for Treasurer, I'm going to take some time off before I heed the career advice of my readers. But some of you political junkies might be interested in this position being advertised at Georgia State in Atlanta:

Political Communication: The department of communication invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in political communication, to begin in August 2008. The successful candidate will be able to teach undergraduate courses in mass or speech communication and will have a research program in one of the following areas: qualitative/ humanistic research methods, political discourse, politics and new media, political communication theory (including theories connected to opinion polling or cognitive research on voter behavior), campaigns, historical research relating to the development of political communication. Candidates should have the ability to teach in the department’s undergraduate mass or speech communication program and contribute to work done in the M.A. and doctoral Public Communication programs. Applications should include a letter of application and CV, transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and evidence of teaching effectiveness. Review of applications to begin October 15, 2007. Georgia State University is an EEO/AA employer; applications are especially encouraged from women, minorities, and candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups. Send application materials to Dr. Mary Stuckey, Political Communication Search Committee Chair, Department of Communication, 662 One Park Place, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga., 30302-4000.

Gee, do y'all think the Governor's endorsement would help? Not that it went too well the last time he tried to help someone get a job ...

6 Response to "Now hiring: Political communication professor at Georgia State"

  1. Anonymous 10/8/07 08:24
    I don't know about an endorsement from Mark, but I suspect that you could well have an endorsement from Jenny, just to get you out of state.
  2. Charlotte Douglas Airport Moye 10/8/07 10:58
    Traditionally underrepresented may help.
  3. Anonymous 10/8/07 11:14
    would "traditionally underrepresented groups" include republicans?
  4. poli sci student 11/8/07 16:09
    Earl, you are the ultimate professor imeritus even though you may not have a PhD. Keep at it, but don't move to Georgia!
  5. Anonymous 11/8/07 17:02
    Mother says I should not work oustide of the state. For that matter, she says I should not read your blog. You are a bad boy. I will go back to my porn.
  6. Anonymous 14/8/07 08:55
    if you think he's a liar, you don't know the half of it. he's a real snake in the grass, and a jerk too.

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