Paul Campbell for the State Senate - Vote tomorrow

If you live in Berkeley County's State Senate District #44, then do yourself and your community a favor by turning out to cast your vote for Republican Paul Campbell.

Senator Bill Mescher was my friend, and there are many who supported Bill, including myself and Kitty, Bill's wife, who are supporting Campbell. Please join us in supporting Campbell.

If you live near the district, look up some friends, neighbors, relatives and/or co-workers and take a few minutes to call them up to encourage them to vote for Campbell tomorrow.

8 Response to "Paul Campbell for the State Senate - Vote tomorrow"

  1. Iowa Moye 5/8/07 23:54
    Good Choice
  2. Anonymous 6/8/07 14:54
    You want us to vote for Stom's boy. Wow. What a shock.
  3. BerkeleyGOP 6/8/07 15:37
    A lot of signals on the ground seem to indicate that West might actually have the slight (I emphasize SLIGHT) edge in this race. Turnout will be highest in the key Moncks Corner/Pinopolis precincts, and I don't see how West doesn't win those areas handily.

    Unless there is high GOP turnout in Goose Creek, this one goes to West.
  4. Earl Capps 6/8/07 16:37
    Berkeley - the bulk of the district lies outside of Moncks Corner. The town itself is split between that district and the one held by Larry Grooms.

    Three or four other rural precincts are in the Moncks Corner "universe" where Santee Cooper is relevant. Will West win those precincts? He might just be the first Democrat in 20 years to do so, based on what I've seen on the ground.

    The overwhelming bulk of the voters lie in Goose Creek, Hanahan, Ladson, and Sangaree. While West is a pretty darn good candidate and will probably outperform noticably for a Democrat, Lindsay Blanks, Mescher's 2004 challenger, outspent and outworked him and got beat 2-1.

    If GOP turnout was a major problem, then explain why a special election run-off turned out 4000 GOP voters?

    West has, no doubt, closed a lot more of the gap than about any Democrat could have hoped, but in the final count, I'd say that Campbell wins with between 53 and 58%. Far less spectacular than Mescher's 66% win in 2004, but a win is a win.

    But I live one county over and haven't really been involved in that race, so I'm guessing from the outside on this.

    Anyone hoping to win a free six pack off my information shortcomings is welcome to email me privately with their forecast, and if I'm wrong, I'll gladly hand that six-pack over.
  5. Algona Iowa Moye 6/8/07 21:16
    In Iowa what is the outcome
  6. Brian McCarty 6/8/07 22:19
    Isn't fascinating, Earl, how people like anon get the Thurmond and Campbell named confused. It makes me wonder what planet they are living on.
  7. Earl Capps 6/8/07 22:24
    The darndest thing is that he wasn't the son of Campbell, unlike that twerp Mike Cambell.

    If that yo-yo knew anything about the race, he'd know that Paul Campbell was old enough to be one of the former Governor's brothers.

    If he knew anything about my blog, he'd know that while the Blogland has all but constructed an altar to the legacy of Carroll Campbell, we've never, ever had anything nice to say about his son Mikey.

    Reading - it's such a great thing, that I hope that guy tries it before he posts again.
  8. HOBO Days and Festival Iowa Moye 7/8/07 20:10
    Be nice Earl

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