Power Phrases: Improve your communication skills

For those of you wanting to improve your communication skills, Meryle Runion has a helpful resource in her Power Phrases email newsletter. The most helpful and insightful parts are:

The PowerPhrase of the Week – Learn phrases others have used that you can use too. This short segment provides a quick illustration of what a PowerPhrase is. The showcased Power Phrases apply to personal, professional and political situations. From how to correct the record when a detractor smears you to how to let someone know their breath needs attention, the phrases are practical and powerful.

The Poison Phrase of the Week – This is possibly the most popular section in the newsletter – mostly for its entertainment value. It’s certainly one of my favorites! Discover words that can land you in hot water and have the opposite effect from the one you intend. Sometimes you will see yourself in the examples, other times you will marvel that people can be so clueless as to say these things. They are, and they do.

I got this via a referral a few months back, and it does give me some things to think about. Take a look and see if it can help you as well. Give it a try.

9 Response to "Power Phrases: Improve your communication skills"

  1. Joshua Gross 15/8/07 09:10

    First rule of improving communication skills: spelling communIcation correctly in the headline...

    you don't need to post this one...

  2. Earl Capps 15/8/07 09:38
    Nah, I want to. Problem corrected.

    Sorry for the typo ... and as always, thanks for reading!
  3. JMC 15/8/07 10:51
    How do you let someone know their breath needs attention? I always take out gum or a mint for myself and then offer one to the offending party. :)
  4. Anonymous 15/8/07 11:45
    that's all good and well, but if someone really sucks, how do you tell them that?
  5. Savage Minnesota Moye 15/8/07 18:00
    Communication is what somebody in Clarendon County SC said she wanted to do with you.
  6. Midland Cat 16/8/07 08:24
    Well Anon 11:45, this site is big on teaching how to say what you mean without being mean.

    Glad you like the site, Earl.
  7. Anonymous 16/8/07 08:38
    moye, you're a sick pup ... shame on you for teasing the poor boy.
  8. williamsburg county moye 17/8/07 17:06
    I am not teasing the boy but I am a sick pup
  9. Meryl 29/8/07 19:54
    I am delighted to read your recommendation to my newsletter! To JMC, I don't cover bad breath but I do have an article about How to Tell Someone They Smell Bad. Check it Out...

    And thanks Earl! Meryl


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