Simpsonizing Rick Beltram

A friend of mine sent me a link to a promotional website for the Simpsons movie, Simpsonize Me. At this site, your photo will be "Simpsonized", revealing your true inner Simpons self.

To test the site for accuracy, we put in a photo of one of our biggest fans, Spartanburg County GOP chair Rick Beltram. Take a look for yourself:



Please note how we presented him with a pet cat and in front of a school to help portray him as kind-to-animals and pro-education.

So, what do YOU, the reader, think about the accuracy of the Simpsonizing process?

Now, for some fun today, go try this on somebody you know ...

4 Response to "Simpsonizing Rick Beltram"

  1. Anonymous 28/8/07 11:14
    Ought to have a dog
  2. The Auditor 28/8/07 21:59
    Was he at school tending to the three "R's he has obviously no grasp of?
  3. Baytown Texas Moye 28/8/07 22:26
    Not again
  4. Anonymous 31/8/07 10:08

    This one is actually very funny!
    For the record:

    Newark Academy 1969
    Lafayette College (Engineering) 1973

    Rick Beltram

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