Sleaze and Payoffs in the race for Treasurer?

Like most of you know, I am a big Mark Sanford supporter, and I decided to 'eliminate' any and all other candidates for the upcoming Treasurer position. I was going to work on Rep. Converse Chellis, but after work, I see that someone else was working on that. That led me to the No. 2 guy - Earl "Love Gun" Capps.

In a deliciously deceptive move, I invited Earl to Florence to discuss the upcoming campaign. After three years of coercive activity, I had been able to identify Earl's weaknesses - women, Beer, and Fast Food. Since I can't get women myself, I decided to focus on the other two.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Here is the truth about these allegations:

1) I did not withdraw my candidacy in return for any offers or promises,
2) I did not have sexual relations with that woman,
3) I did not inhale,
4) I have never referred to myself as "Love Gun", and
5) The Blogland will continue to offer its readers an independent (though often conservative) outsider look at South Carolina politics, and is NOT for sale at any price.

As Marion Berry, the famous former Mayor of Washington D.C. once said: "B**** set me up" ... and that's what I was, set up. I'm asking you, my readers, to ask yourselves if I'd really sell out for Arby's and a T-shirt.

Do y'all really think I'd stoop so low?

Blogland readers should be careful not to fall for any of the misleading smear campaigns being waged against those running for State Treasurer.

4 Response to "Sleaze and Payoffs in the race for Treasurer?"

  1. Anonymous 2/8/07 06:17
    tell us what you want to cracker, you sold out to the man.

  2. Anonymous 2/8/07 08:29
    There are some of us you never fooled. We always knew you were a sell-out.

    Wave a little food or tail in front of you, and you jump. You'll never change.
  3. Save the Earl 2/8/07 14:58
    Remember the great and immortal philosopher Bluto who once said:

    "Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now!" (Animal House 1978)

    In kitchens and beer joints all over S.C. "Earl Supporters" are uniting for his write-in campaign.

    If Strom can, so can Earl:

    The paid political hacks attack Earl because they know he has the support and resources to win.

    They spread slimy unfounded rumors. They send anonymous emails. They use fake email addresses. They run with scissors.

    Ignore the paid political hacks and the pandering bloggers who post or do anything to attack those they do not agree with them. For example:

    Write In - Earl for Treasurer
  4. Conservative Moye 3/8/07 19:24
    I do not believe Arbys must have been BBQ.

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