Ted Kennedy to hold hearings on those trapped and left to die

According to reports, Senator Ted Kennedy has responded to the recent mine disaster in Utah. The Senator from Massachusetts is now demanding hearings into how a young woman ... uh, six miners ... could be trapped, left behind by others, and left for dead:

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, also demanded a list of documents Thursday from the Labor Department about the Crandall Canyon Mine and its operators.

We at the Blogland, as big supporters of occupational safety initiatives, such as the decision by our state's Comptroller General, Richard Eckstrom, to have long-overdue work to remove asbestos from his offices, certainly hope there will be a serious and thorough investigation into what happened, and how such disasters can be avoided in the future. There is still much to be done to make America's most dangerous occupations, such as mining and construction, safe.

Although we're encouraged to see such a high-profile effort to get to the bottom of what happened in Utah, we're concerned that when such matters are immediately turned over to politicians, the agenda will shift from fixing the problems to fixing the blame. This approach is all but certain to increase the polling numbers of the politicians exploiting the issue, as well as the potential for future fatalities.

While Senator Kennedy is looking into the cause of such tragedies, we at the Blogland are waiting for additional Senate hearings into other instances where people have been abandoned, left unable to escape from a sudden mishap, and ultimately died without being rescued?

Not that we at the Blogland want to point fingers or name names, but we're sure the Senator from Massachusetts will try to cross that bridge when he comes to it.

17 Response to "Ted Kennedy to hold hearings on those trapped and left to die"

  1. Anonymous 24/8/07 08:35
    typical red state psychosis. get help.
  2. Anonymous 24/8/07 08:59
    pretty funny stuff. thanks for the laugh, we needed it at this office.
  3. Joshua Gross 24/8/07 09:34
    Oh Earl, Don't you know...

    That's all water under the bridge now...
  4. west_rhino 24/8/07 12:58
    anon, denial is not a river in Africa.

    Earl, more hypocrisy from a leftist darling of the press is not unusual. What is though, is that it will be timed to distract from Petraus report on Iraq that won't substansiate the Pelosi-Reid rants.
  5. Breathless in Blogland 24/8/07 14:13
    Now, Earl. That was tacky, cheap, rude, crude and dirty. It was also in bad taste, ugly, nasty, beneath dignity and just down right mean.

    Worst of all it was consistent with the slime and sputum often found on sic(k) willie folks' FITS.

    But that said it was also creative, intelligently written, funny as all h@ll-o and an excellent read.

    How funny was it? It was so funny, it (sorry) 'took our breath away.'

    (Sorry, Joshua started it.)

    Having lived in Taxachusetts We have always been amazed T.K.'s political career survived that.

    We're equally amazed that our Lite governor and a few other SC elected officials survived their own local scandals. The former Treasurer excluded of course.

    Keep it up. :)
  6. impressive one 24/8/07 22:01
    very perspicacious writing (im trying to deeply impress you with my superior vocabilary just like the States Brad Warten does:-)

    all of us are really impressed by that freak show
  7. straight shooter 25/8/07 10:23
    good points, Earl, you have a rep in blogosphere for insight and clear thinking...keep a goin
  8. Greeleyville moye 25/8/07 15:13
    I tell you how his political career survived that. It is from where he is. Democrats believe they can do know wrong. Anyhow great blog Earl.
  9. Still Breathless 25/8/07 19:10
    Greeleyville Moye,

    You said, "Democrats believe they can do know wrong." Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was a sly play on words. :)

    Lumping all Democrats into a comment like that is like saying all Republicans are right wing wacko nut jobs.

    We know that's not true. Is it?

    -Still Breathless
  10. Earl Capps 25/8/07 19:20
    breathless, i'm wacko and a nut job. just ask anyone who knows me, especially my kids.

    i'm as crazy as ted nugent, only i don't bow hunt, my hair is a few inches shorter, i don't sing, and don't play any musical instruments.
  11. Earl Capps 25/8/07 19:23
    by the way breathless, do i know you?
  12. Greeleyville moye 26/8/07 13:23
    Breathless you know what I mean. That was my Greeleyville or should I say Williamsburg County side coming out the public education of a long time ago that the Democrats had in place in SC and to some extent still do. Maybe it was the Crown and Coke. Sorry.
  13. Breathless 26/8/07 18:02
    Hi Earl. Hi Greeleyville Moye.

    My name is Breathless. And I’m a recovering right wing wacko nut job.

    I’ve had this problem for years, but I’ve been denying it. I always said I could stop anytime. But, I never could.

    My friends have been noticing it for a long time, but they never said anything. They noticed my rambling rants and my incoherent and stumbling rhetoric.

    They noticed my foolish comments and ridiculous behavior. They noticed my slurred logic.

    They noticed my unjustified attacks on public education and my totally illogical support for the voucher scam. They noticed.

    I knew it was out of control when I started listening to replays of Rush Limbaugh programs.

    I knew I needed help when I memorized all of Bill O’Reilly’s books, bought a prayer rug and started to pray five times a day to Fox News.

    But, at last I found help.

    You can too. Just find a reasonable and responsible Republican or Democrat. Even a reasonable Libertarian will do (except the governor).

    It makes no difference which party.

    Just find someone willing to put petty party rhetoric aside to honestly work in the best interests of all people. Then, be like them.

    There's hope and recovery for all right wing wacko nut jobs. Just don’t over do the recovery process.

    You might end up a left wing wacko nut job. That’s just as serious.

    -Still Breathless

    P.S. Earl, in response to your question: that’s a song by Toby Keith.
  14. Earl Capps 26/8/07 18:16
    Breathless, dude/dudette, I love your sense of humor.

    But if you've been a regular reader of this blog, you should know the futility of using country music references to get the point across to me.
  15. Still Breathless 26/8/07 19:56

    When you find a "wacko nut job" it matters not if they're threaded like a garden hose or like the brass fitting to a propane tank.

    Note to Will Folks- Go unscrew your garden hose and the brass fitting on your grill propane tank. Reattach them. Repeat. Get it?

    Anyway, most "wacko nut jobs" have had their threads stripped so badly that no matter which way they turn they're worthless. Like most political consultants.

    Remember, 99% of political consultants make the rest look bad.

    -Still Breathless

    P.S. What’s wrong with Country? Expand your senses. Explore the world of music.
  16. Earl Capps 26/8/07 20:48
    Probably right about the wackos.

    What's wrong with my kind of music? Trust me, living in the South, I've been exposed to plenty of country music. It just doesn't work for me, that's all.

    Since when does showing a preference for one form of music over another mean I haven't looked around? That's a rather prejudicial presumption to make, kinda like those right/left-wing nutjobs, don't you think?

    Tons of tickets to symphonies, jazz ... you name it. I even take my kids to concerts. At the end of the day, I found what works for me and I'm sticking to it.
  17. Breathless 27/8/07 14:00
    Jiminy Crickets, Earl!!

    Don't get so all huffy. Nothing's wrong with your kind of music.

    We wernt disrespecting your music nor suggesting you wear blinders.

    Maybe this'll make you feel better.

    See if you see anything you like:


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