Two birthdays: Blogland and Bonnie

Today is two birthdays in one: The Blogland turns two, and Bonnie, my youngest daughter, turns nine.

For the Blogland, it's been a helluva year, and you've been right there with us, reading, ranting, and telling others to tune in to the discussions. We can't thank you enough ... so just reach into your screen and we'll give you a piece of birthday cake.

If it's your birthday, then allow us to wish you a Happy Birthday ... and many more.

7 Response to "Two birthdays: Blogland and Bonnie"

  1. JMC 5/8/07 17:15
    Happy Birthday! To both of you.
  2. Happy Birthday 5/8/07 18:53
    Happy Birthday, Bonnie!!

    Just think, your Dad could have been Treasurer of SC! But, he did the right thing at just the right moment to shift the momentum by dropping out of the race and endorsing Mr. Chellis.

    You should be proud!! We are!!

    Your Dad is a masterful politician!

    All of us who have been involved in S.C. politics for years know that your Dad's last minute gesture is what put Mr. Chellis in office.

    S.C. is indebted to your Dad!! :)

    P.S. And, Happy Birthday to The Blogland.
  3. Earl Capps 5/8/07 21:50
    Ok, I think it's time we start doing drug tests ... someone around here thinks I'm someone all-connected and all-important.
  4. Algona Iowa Moye 5/8/07 23:53
    Happy two
  5. Brian McCarty 6/8/07 23:13
  6. Brian McCarty 6/8/07 23:15
    Also, I can not eat the dadgummed birthday cake, too mush sugar. But, as before, Happy Birthday to the blogland and to Bonnie.
  7. True Grit 7/8/07 17:10
    Sorry Earl,

    We don't do drugs, and...

    "...I ain't had a drink since breakfast."

    Rooster Cogburn (True Grit)

    Don't underestimate the power of the political machine you built in your run for Treasurer. We, your loyal supporters, are just waiting for the word to turn out the vote for you in your next race.

    Now, go buy Bonnie an extra birthday present. She deserves it!

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