U.S. Group - rolling in Bamberg

I made the front page of this week's edition of Construction and Equipment Guide:

With large stretches of its main downtown streets reduced to a mess of rocks and dirt and gaping holes, Bamberg, S.C., looked more like a war zone than a quiet Southern town during work late last year and earlier this year to widen U.S. 301/601 and crossroad U.S. 78, said Earl Capps, spokesman for contractor U.S. Group Inc.

“Basically, [the streets] were torn down to dirt. … We had to pull up everything [and] start over,” said Capps, whose company is based in Columbia, S.C., approximately an hour north of Bamberg.

The $8 million project entailed widening eight blocks of U.S. 301/601, called Main Highway or Main Street, and six blocks of U.S. 78, called Heritage Highway, creating a passing zone for traffic between Charleston, S.C., and Augusta, Ga., he said.

So far, we're on track in Bamberg and might even finish a few weeks ahead of schedule, which will be a nice deal for the people in that area.

7 Response to "U.S. Group - rolling in Bamberg"

  1. Anonymous 31/8/07 09:01
    So where are the scouting reports on BBQ Bamberg?
  2. Charlotte Douglas Airport Moye 31/8/07 14:14
    Yea Earl
  3. 29003 31/8/07 20:21
    Earl, Are you doing BBQ reviews now or did the last two guys get lost in Blogville while looking for Gervais's blog?

    If you're doing BBQ reviews how about start at Duke's in Bamberg and make the loop over to Olar, Govan, Ulmer, Ehrhardt, Lodge, Smoaks, Branchville, Cope and then end up over in Denmark. That should keep you busy for at least a long weekend.

    Just don't get lost.

    P.S. Where will Bamberg hold its fall festival if the road it all torn up? And, what about the BBQ Cookoff???
  4. Sure Rhett Tee 31/8/07 22:55
    Congrats on the coverage of your top notch construction firm, and your endeavors on their behalf. It looks like you have some well deserved accolades. After having analyzed construction firms for 15 years and can say without hesitation that you guys are definitely the "Kings of the Road" of the modern era in SC road construction. You adapted and overcame most, if not all of the obstacles of the business.
  5. Earl Capps 1/9/07 17:35
    29003, nope, i'm not gonna infringe on gervais' turf. call it professional respect.
  6. Anonymous 1/9/07 20:32
    no, I think it best that earl keep that professional respect thing going. That town kind of reminds one of the town in To Wong Foo, thanks for everything Julie Newmar! Ever see that movie?
  7. Earl Capps 2/9/07 00:28
    anon 2032, bbq is his niche, so why infringe upon it? really, the guy has a sixth sense for good 'que, so how could i match his skills?

    i did see that movie after reading a paper my graduate school advisor wrote about it - "‘Pistols and petticoats, piety and purity: ‘To
    Wong Foo’, the queering of the American monomyth, and the marginalizing discourse
    of deification’,".

    if you want my opinion, i didn't really find the movie terribly interesting, to be honest with you. so any comparison to what bamberg is, was, or will be is lost on me.

    now, if you tried to compare it to a particular episode of miami vice or the A-team, i might get the comparison.

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