What kind of a weapon are you?

This quiz is intended to match your personality to a weapon.
I came up as an AK-47 ... how about you?

Ak-47 Assault Rifle

A well seasoned fighter and capable in any situation. Extremely dependable you got your buddies back regardless of circumstance. You can take a beating and give it back just as easily. Though it may not be what you want, you stand out as a well rounded fighter.

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13 Response to "What kind of a weapon are you?"

  1. Joshua Gross 16/8/07 09:25
    Heh... I'm a Mini Gun...

  2. west_rhino 16/8/07 09:33
    M-134 minigun...
  3. Anonymous 16/8/07 11:38
    Hey Earl,
    I checked out as a M240 SAW.

  4. paul adams 16/8/07 12:21
    very interesting...I plotted out as a Fn-P90 Sub-Machinegun

    You are deceiving by your stature as you can unleash a fury. You prefer a fast paced upclose and personal fight.
  5. Mall of America Moye 16/8/07 14:58
    I came out as a AK 47.
  6. Kiss Rocker 16/8/07 15:05
    I really love you baby
    I love what you've got
    Let's get together, we can
    Get hot
    No more tomorrow, baby
    Time is today
    Girl, I can make you feel

    No place for hidin' baby
    No place to run
    You pull the trigger of my
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun

    You can't forget me baby
    Don't try to lie
    You'll never leave me, mama
    So don't try
    I'll be a gambler, baby
    Lay down the bet
    We get together, mama
    You'll sweat

    No place for hidin' baby
    No place to run
    You pull the trigger of my
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, love gun
  7. The Byzantine Rambler 16/8/07 21:39
    Gee! Turns out I'm not a weapon at all, I'm a Crucifix! Oops! No, that's just what I "pack" instead of a weapons.
  8. Earl Capps 17/8/07 09:10
    Father, is this a hint that I need to stop being on the road so much and get my butt downtown one Sunday morning soon?
  9. The Byzantine Rambler 17/8/07 12:26
    Now would I ever be one to hint at such things? :-P
  10. west_rhino 18/8/07 09:16
    Earl, to quote the G-Man, that is what is called a clue!

    (Yes, I know that you could buy a vowel, but like some of us, you don't need the vowel, you just need it to be your turn).
  11. Mike Reino 19/8/07 11:08
    ak-36 ?? Oh well. Per our conversation yesterday - "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth.
  12. Charleston County Moye 19/8/07 21:25
    Seems you got a pretty good Priest.
  13. Anonymous 22/8/07 15:32
    which weapon will they shoot you with?

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