August 2007: The month in review

With summer ending and school back in, party time is over for a lot of us, but here in the Blogland, we had lots of fun with our readers. As we always do, it's time to take a look back and see what happened here in the Blogland:

Berkeley County got a new State Senator. Paul Campbell will fill the seat vacated when Senator Bill Mescher passed away in the spring. He's got some big shoes to fill, but we think he's up to the job (and we understand he's one of our readers).

South Carolina got a new State Treasurer. Converse Chellis will finish up the last three years of Thomas Ravenel's term. While my aborted bid for Treasurer did well, with me tying the Governor's candidate, it wasn't good enough. However, there were some wild rumors that I may have been paid off to quit ... no comment.

The Blogland turned two and my little one turned nine ... Ted Kennedy expressed concern that someone was left trapped, unable to escape and left for dead ... it was a strange month in the Blogland, indeed (but what month isn't?)

To make it even stranger, a review of Iron Maiden's most recent album, which I wrote in September of last year, was my third most-read posting of the month.

But the most important thing of all was that you took the time to read, and occasionally speak out, which is always appreciated. Here are the ten-most read and discussed postings of August 2007:

Ten most-discussed August postings:

1) Converse Chellis, our new State Treasurer
2) Ted Kennedy to hold hearings on those trapped and left to die
3) What kind of a weapon are you?
4) High tide for SC Senate Democrats?
5) Power Phrases: Improve your communication skills
6) Let the Crybabies work
7) State Treasurer candidate passes drug test
8) Paul Campbell for the State Senate - Vote tomorrow
9) Capps to quit Treasurer's race and endorse Chellis
10) U.S. Group - rolling in Bamberg

As always, the ten most-read August postings differed from the most-commented:

1) High tide for SC Senate Democrats?
2) State Treasurer candidate passes drug test
3) Sleaze and Payoffs in the race for Treasurer?
4) Capps to quit Treasurer's race and endorse Chellis
5) Paul Campbell for the State Senate - Vote tomorrow
6) Congratulations to Berkeley's Senator Campbell
7) Midlands Republican to seek Presidential nomination
8) Converse Chellis for State Treasurer - endorsement posting
9) Converse Chellis, our new State Treasurer - congratulatory posting
10) Simpsonizing Rick Beltram

So that's what got you tuned in or turned on this month. Stay tuned and keep speaking out!

7 Response to "August 2007: The month in review"

  1. Tracking 2 Things 2/9/07 19:57

    Thanks for the review. We read most as they were posted and even commented on a few ourselves. Keep up the good work. We enjoy it.

    We're tracking two things right now on Blogland and Blogville.

    First, in Blogland - what impact will the construction have on Bamberg's Fall Festival and BBQ Cookoff? Will they be canceled or moved or will the construction be finished in time?

    Second, in Blogville - what have you heard about sic(k) will folks' latest post that he may be on the receiving end of a civil law suit?

    And, are you a party to the law suit againt him?
  2. Earl Capps 2/9/07 20:32
    FIRST: I won't lie - I don't know anything about this event, but I'll check into this and see how our operations might impact it.

    I'd like to think that this would've been brought to our attention by the SCDOT or community if our work had the potential to interfere with their events.

    Generally, we work with people to facilitate the community's interests.

    SECOND - I know nothing about the possibility of a FITS lawsuit. Nobody's talked to me about it, prior to your posting.

    Generally, political speech gets a lot of protection, so I'm not sure if there is a lawsuit or if it would have much merit should there be one.

    He's never discussed my blog, so I would have no reason to bring an action against him.

    At this point, I am in no way involved in any legal action with, for, or against FITS or Will Folks, nor am I considering any such action.

    If there is such an action and it affects other bloggers, I will speak up about it at that time, but not a minute sooner. This blog is a part-time hobby, not a career worth litigating over.

    Sorry, I'm just not that motivated. I'm your basic loud-mouthed, long-haired, head-banging slackass.
  3. STRAIGHT SHOOTER 3/9/07 00:33
  4. Anonymous 3/9/07 01:22
    just another loser with hs bootlicking koolaid wannabees
  5. straight shooter 3/9/07 17:17
    hey anon, keep your head up and have a nice labor day
  6. Earl Capps 3/9/07 17:20
    straight, if you follow anon's reasoning, and that i am a bootlicker, and he/she/it is not, then their head will already be up, as opposed to mine, which is supposedly bowed to lick boots.

    i know, i know ... too much logic for labor day, right?
  7. pickle 4/9/07 11:26
    and this sucks too. and so do you.

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