Hixon's Fiction: Misleading claims in State Senate race

In the race to replace Democratic State Senator Tommy Moore, a recent “rebuttal” letter sent out by State Senate candidate Bill Hixon, attacked fellow candidate Shane Massey, accusing “ makes a number of misleading claims that we thought we’d check out and clarify for our readers, especially those who may be voting in that upcoming special GOP runoff election.

We'd like to examine some of those claims made in Hixon's letter:


It has also been brought to my attention, Mr. Massey, that you have been in communication and/or cooperation with the out-of-state funded PAC that has mailed voters false and misleading information about me in an attempt to aid your campaign against me.

THE TRUTH? As shown, the mail pieces in question cited numerous sources for their information. SCRG PAC, as identified on the mail pieces, is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. This complies with the requirements of state law regarding campaign conduct, as defined in Section 8-13-1354.

THE TRUTH? There were six candidates in the Republican primary, not just Massey. Any damage done to Hixon could have benefitted any of the five other candidates, and no proof is presented to substantiate the claim that Massey benefitted from the mailings. In reviewing the two mail pieces in question, we saw nothing which indicated who voters should support in that race. These pieces simply discussed Hixon.


Perhaps not coincidentally, the political consulting firm you have paid to manage your campaign has a history of using anonymous Websites to smear fellow Republicans, and just last week, national news reports revealed that your consulting firm was responsible for the anonymous site created to personally attack and spread untrue, hurtful information about Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

THE TRUTH? Does Mr. Hixon really want to compare the professional ethics of various campaign consultants, including his own? A lot of them have pulled some really bone-headed stunts in the past, and we're going to simply say "he who is without sin, cast the first stone," and let bygones be bygones for all concerned.


So here is my proposal: Will you promise the voters that all negative attacks against Bill Hixon will cease? Will you instruct those PACs and websites which are supporting you to end their negative attacks on your behalf?

Mr. Massey, when you’re willing to add those two conditions to your pledge — thereby making it meaningful — I will gladly join you in a symbolic affirmation of my continued commitment to run a positive campaign.

THE TRUTH? Again, Hixon makes claims of collusion, but offers no proof to back those claims up, even though such collusion would be illegal and could do severe damage to a candidate’s credibility, if proven.

THE TRUTH? Contacting a political organization making independent expenditures, much less giving instructions, would be illegal collusion (Sec 8-13-1310 & 1314). To ask voters to judge Massey for that which he cannot control is highly misleading.

Further, would voters believe the claims of, much less want to elect, a candidate who acts to suppress the First Amendment freedom of speech of those who wish to examine politician's record?


Hixon’s vaguely worded offer of “symbolic affirmation” is a loaded phrase which lacks any sort of explicit promise or pledge as to how he’ll conduct his campaign. Instead of using vague language, he should state clearly if he's willing to sign a clean campaign pledge or not.

Hixon, who had previously refused to sign a clean campaign pledge, now offers to do so, but only if Massey consents to conditions that are legally impossible for him to do. What if Massey doesn’t break the law to meet Hixon’s challenge? Will Hixon consider that carte-blance to wage an “anything goes” campaign?

While nobody likes mud-slinging campaign tactics, some of which have been criticized on this blogsite
1 2, it’s disappointing that Hixon would make such an unfair challenge to Massey. We hope that he'll realize that ethical choices have to be made on an individual basis and choose to take the high road in his campaign, regardless of what others may do.

Shane Massey
has a detailed “Clean Campaign Pledge” to clarify his intended campaign approach on his website and take responsibility for the conduct of his campaign, to the extent that the law allows. The voters should judge Massey’s campaign by this standard, and hold him accountable for those promises, instead of being misled by the claims made in Hixon’s letter.

18 Response to "Hixon's Fiction: Misleading claims in State Senate race"

  1. Anonymous 23/9/07 14:26
    wow, you really are a research geek, aren't you?
  2. waxing poetic 23/9/07 16:06
    what a glorious piece of fiction you've written. if it's a race you want to crash, you shouldn't write such trash.
  3. Anonymous 23/9/07 21:47
  4. Mike Reino 23/9/07 21:55
    The goldfish called. he said he'd rather be in the Faith No More video than in a political flyer...
  5. west_rhino 23/9/07 22:12
    Geez Earl, you remind me of Penn and Teller pulling the tablecloth off the dining room table, leaving the place settings.

    From the schadenfreude of some anon and other postings, you must have hit something that hits too close to home... maybe, like a pair of lines from Firesign Theater's Shakepeares Lost Comedy, "Speak ketchup bottle for me!" "By the Great God Heniz, I bleed from 57 wounds".

    Methinks Hixon doth protest too much. Remind me though, which candidate in this race is the former Dem consultant/aide, wearing the prosthetic trunk and tusks from the book store on Two Notch Road Columbia?
  6. 2Notch 24/9/07 00:06
    We Think west_rhino spendith far_too much time on Two Notch Road.

    We on the other hand live on Two Notch Road and enjoy the bennies...
  7. Anonymous 24/9/07 02:06
    SCRG is definitely not out of state. Why do people keep saying otherwise is beyond me.
  8. Anonymous 24/9/07 10:16
    The Hixon camp must be desperate if they are resorting to such a lame strategy.
  9. Anonymous 24/9/07 11:33
    Hixon can rant until he turns blue in the face about how he is being maligned and wrongly accused, but no one is going to care. He will still be the guy who campaigned against a conservative Republican governor and then tried to run as a self-styled 'Reagan Republican.'
    Why isn't he addressing the claims people have made about his shady property assessment instead of complaining about people getting involved in the political process?
    It's the same old story, a political candidate getting righteously indignant and angry about someone bringing up something that HE DID. Those mailpieces were nails in his political coffin.
  10. Anonymous 24/9/07 11:58
    SCRG's money comes from out of state. No need to rehash the Howard Rich stuff since everyone not living under a rock knows about it. Massey's a Sanford puppet. Hixon is...well...Hixon. Parties aside, if you want someone who will capably and effectively represent the interests of Senate 25, Mr. Clyburn is the man, plain and simple.
  11. Anonymous 24/9/07 12:51
    they're all crooks. just arrest them all and be done with it.
  12. Anonymous 24/9/07 13:47
    SCRG gets its money from out of state, just as Karen Floyd got her money from out of state.

    Hixon does not assess his own property, so it you have a complaint with this, you should take it up with the assessor.

    Rod Shealy is right about SCRG and Rich and SCRG's shady tactics.
  13. Spike 24/9/07 13:54
    Anon 1347, we don't know where SCRG gets its money from. we do know floyd raised a lot of out-of-state money. So that part of your comments is half speculation.

    I don't know if I've ever seen what Rod has to say about outside groups, but we all know he used to consult video poker, which had plenty of outside mafioso cash.

    Given his sense of campaign ethics, and the crappy day I'm having, please do have Rod Shealy, the paragon of political virtue, give us a lecture about ethics in politics, because I could really use a laugh right about now.
  14. Anonymous 24/9/07 15:09
    It's amazing to see how some people think that claiming someone else has used " out of state money" automatically puts them on the moral high ground, no matter what they've said and done. This situation with Hixon is a perfect example. Does Hixon using the magic phrase " out of state money" make the mailers any less true, or their impact any less real?
  15. Anonymous 24/9/07 15:10
    What does Karen Floyd have to do with anything?
  16. Anon 1347 24/9/07 15:42
    Anon 1347 here.

    Log on to
    http://stophowardrichsc.blogspot.com/ to learn about the Howard Rich/SCRG/Karen Floyd connection.

    I do not live in Aiken County and, so, have not received all the neagative mailings about Hixon. However, I have watched SCRG, Rich, Floyd, and Joshua Gross very carefully. I do not like what I see.

    As for Rod Shealy--he paid his fine. So, let him go on with his life unless he pulls a "Donohue."
  17. Anonymous 24/9/07 16:02
    1347, if you think he's any more an ethical campainger now than ever, you must not be from around here.

    personally, i say they're all crooks, not just the richie-rich crowd.
  18. Anonymous 25/9/07 18:47
    Whew, arent we glad Tommy Moore left. He becomes a lobbyist for the payday lending industry and a SC based company with national ties shuts down thousands of offices.

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