Huntin' Hixon - RINO accusations in Senate special election

Someone forwarded this political mail piece to us and we thought we'd share it with our readers.

This piece was sent out by SCRG to help form voter opinions in the very-heated GOP nomination contest for Senate District 25. Clearly the piece is intended to paint Hixon, a long-time backer of Tommy Moore, a long-time Democratic State Senator and current predatory lending hustler, as a RINO extraordinaire:


No doubt the Governor's backers want to make this a referendum on the direction of the GOP, as well as get a final slap at Moore, who challenged Sanford last year, and punish Hixon for being a leading Moore backer.

What is interesting is how they even put an email address on the mailing. While they're hoping those who receive the mail will contact them for details. If so, that's a heckuva a way to stir the pot.

The focus on Hixon's past background with Democrats and his opposition to the Governor is really the first time we've seen this as a central issue in any of the five legislative special election contests that have taken place this year. We'll certainly be interested to see how the issue resonates with voters.

This race prove to be one to watch, all the way down to the last vote is counted next Tuesday, bet on it.

... in the meantime, if you're watching this race and have any more good ones like this come your way, send it along. We might even present it for discussion.

11 Response to "Huntin' Hixon - RINO accusations in Senate special election"

  1. west_rhino 26/9/07 21:23
    Earl, I'm reminded of the '94 primary in the First district, after Cousin Arthur decided to step down. Rolling into the runoff, Van Hipp's biggest claim was that he had no Democrat ties. Nevermind issues or that Robert Barber's campaign was armed for slinging mud at Hipp, it was damning evidence that Mark Sanford had driven his boss, Phil Noble(?) around in the bosses car, talking business on the fly, during said bosses' campaign for Governor (perhaps) or the nomination from the Dems.

    I suppose if we held up the same standards some time ago, John Graham Altman, based on his service as press secretary for, was it Governor Fritz Hollings, this staunch conservative would wear a RINO tag. JGA, OTOH, paid his dues in the GOP and the constituents of 119 knew the difference.

    Next Tuesday will tell. The GOP record has been good this year on election wins, so I can't fault a Hixon for wanting to run under the banner. SCRG's kindling aside, the voters of Senate 25 will be the arbiters of the race.

    Mayhaps we'll see SCRG jump into the Charleston Mayoral race.
  2. Anonymous 27/9/07 08:27

    Rest assured Hixon played a far more important role than a college intern for Tommy Moore. He's run the guy's re-election campaigns for years.

    SCRG in the Charleston mayor's race? Who would they want to help?
  3. west_rhino 27/9/07 10:19
    anon, the Charleston Mayoral race would seem an opportunity to polish the facade, as they are oft accused of bearing, of being issues oriented, rather than specific candidate backing, in their purpose.

    For a South Carolinians for Responsible Government to allow the implicit irresponsibility of doctor, general and president for life Idi Amin Riley and the Manifest Destiny of Imperial Charlestowne to bring civility and progress to the rest of unincorporated South Carolina, from the Little River Inlet to Savannah, from Lake Jocassee to Blenheim and South of the Border would seem to run against their name. Perhaps if Karen Floyd isn't available Kwadjo Campbell, Ron Fulmer or Greg Hart could be cajoled to be their candidate. Though one suspects that Rod Shealey would talk Mr. Hart out of it.

    Pedro says come see the biggest city in the universe and its fossil mayor.
  4. kazurinsky 27/9/07 10:26
    and there's lots of sleaze they can expose there too.

    joe is evil and the city is out of control. how many people have to die and how many embezzlers have to steal before people get it about joe's "empire"?
  5. Anonymous 27/9/07 11:16
    Getting back to what seems like the point of the mailer, there are way too many people in Columbia who say they are conservative but aren't. Republicans don't need another one. The Fowler quote on the mail piece says it all.
  6. Anonymous 27/9/07 11:59
    like any of you really know what you're talking about?
  7. Anonymous 27/9/07 12:43
    if there ever was a rino, this is one ... but on the other hand, he might not a rino, but rather a freakin' snake in the grass.

    "a good republican?" with an emphasis on the question mark
  8. Anonymous 27/9/07 14:33
    The fact that Hixon is actually running as a Reupublican is hilarious! Then again, there seem to be lots of his ilk in the General Assembly...Voters have to start holding officials accountable for not practicing what they preach.
  9. Phil Noble 27/9/07 19:47
    Correction - Phil Noble and Phil Lader...Mark was the driver for Phil Lader in his governor's campaign in 1986. I know Mark but have not hired him or supported him in any of his elections because, amoung many other reasons, I'm a Democrat.

    Phil Noble
  10. Anonymous 29/9/07 11:14
    I've read so much about the RINO's that I hope you "purists" get your way with the satisfaction that the GOP only gets the "real Republican-Real Conservative" votes and that the "RINO's" either stay home on election day/go fishing/ or vote Democrat where you assume they belong. You can enjoy the purity of utter defeat on election night.
  11. Black River Moye 30/9/07 13:53
    A RINO is surely better than a DINO

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