Jim DeMint: Budget fighter

Crisis has turned into opportunity for Jim Demint, as he's helping the post-2006 crusade in the Senate to fight pork spending:

At a time when the conservative base is lamenting its choice of presidential candidates as well as the priorities of the Oval Office's current occupant, the two (Demint and Coburn) are the leaders of a small group of Republican hard-liners working overtime against Democrats and Republicans alike to make a firm stand against what they view as out-of-control spending.

- The Senate's GOP bomb throwers, Time Magazine (9/19/07)

This sort of leadership is essential for Republicans seeking to reconnect their party's politics with the fiscally-conservative principles of its party faithful.

Perhaps if the Jim Demints of the world had their way a couple of years back, the Senate would still be in GOP hands right now. If his fellow Republican Senators want to return to power, they would be wise to follow his lead.

3 Response to "Jim DeMint: Budget fighter"

  1. Mike Reino 26/9/07 06:51
    Good Luck to Jim. The only problem is that his power ranking is #99 in the Senate. Kinda gives you an idea what priority Congress lays on cutting spending. Oink, Oink my Good Man...
  2. west_rhino 26/9/07 12:01
    Dovetqiling with Mike's comments, last night's Dem rant on Iraq spending and how many children's health care could have been provided as largesse pales in comparison with, if the set asides and other pork were spent on children's healthcare (still can't find that in the Consitituion though), we'd still not have touched the war spending, though the green bean museum and bridges to nowhere would not be complete.
  3. Marshall Minnesota Moye 26/9/07 18:35
    no doubt Jim is the most conservative we have and a good man

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