John Drummond, a great South Carolinian

We'd like to thank Senator John Drummond for his years of service to his state and country and wish him well in his retirement.

Drummond, in spite of being a Democrat, brought a healthy sense of reality with him to the political process, influenced by his service during the Second World War, where he spent ten months in a German POW camp and was heavily decorated:

“I guess that prison camp was the best thing to ever happen to me. I saw a lot of young men die, and none of them died a Democrat or a Republican.”

While partisanship and sticking to one's principles is important, that kind of perspective should give us something to think about. But even more importantly, Drummond's dedicated service to his Palmetto State should set a standard that, regardless of partisan identity, we should all aspire to.

On many occasions, Drummond crossed party lines to work with Republicans and even supported Senator Strom Thurmond. His party was important to him in his legislative service, but so was the best interests of his native state. It's a refreshing outlook on politics that we could use more of these days.

Anyone who spends time in Greenwood would hear stories of John Drummond. Not of legislative accomplishments or even some of the comical stories one may hear about other legislators, but rather of from his service in World War II, especially when he was the senior American officer in his POW camp, defying Nazi officials seeking to intimidate him and his fellow Americans.

Like many of his generation, he went forward to defy unspeaking evil and returned home to continue to serve his state and his country. It's an example that we need to see more of these days.

Senator Drummond, we thank you and wish you the best of luck in whatever lies ahead.

5 Response to "John Drummond, a great South Carolinian"

  1. Anonymous 24/9/07 00:35
    jsut proving once more what you showed by backing andre - you are a rino through and through
  2. Dan Norfleet 25/9/07 10:03
    I think Mr. Capps is to be commended for recognizing a true hero without regard to political party.
  3. Anonymous 25/9/07 10:25
    he's a real american hero, and this is coming from a die-hard republican
  4. southwest minnesota moye 25/9/07 23:04
    I had the opportunity to be at a WWII Navy covention in Green Bay last week. No I did not serve then not that old but their convention was taking place during my visit and I got to be around them and talk to several veterans. Not many left living now and anyone that served during that war is special and a POW is very special. To keep from being negative lets leave it like that have a good retirement Senator you deserve it.
  5. Anonymous 28/9/07 01:38
    John Drummond is a great man. He is the reason that Lander used to be known as the "Senators," because state senator John Drummond saved the college and kept it open.

    I was privileged to be on the alumni board when we voted for a scholarship honoring the Senator's late wife, Holly Self Drummond.

    I will never forget the kind handwritten note he mailed to me for my support.

    I will also not forget his kindness to my grandparents in Ninety Six time and time again.

    John Drummond has the distinction of being the last of the old line Democrats who actually cared about the people he represented.

    Drummond has the gift that ole Strom had, the gift of actually believing in serving the people he represented in office.

    Drummond will be missed.

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