Power Phrases: Take ownership & avoid generalizations

As a professional communicator, I rely on resources to help improve what I do, as well as share with co-workers to help give them some food for thought. Today, I share some insights as to what to say, and what not to say, from Meryl Runion's SpeakStrong email newsletter:

PowerPhrase of the Week :

We have a policy of putting our patients first. I didn't follow my policy that day. Jay was frustrated when her doctor had his assistant call her rather than return her call himself. When
Jay complained to the assistant, the assistant was defensive and indignant.

Jay was on the phone with me, telling me she was ready to change doctors when call waiting signaled. It was the doctor, who said, We have a policy of putting our patients first. By having my assistant call you, I didn’t follow my policy that day. She was blaming and shaming to you, and I apologize for that. I will get you in if you’d still like to see me.

Jay is his patient for life now.

Bonus PowerPhrase:

I want a widget that lists for five pesos.

It's about how an abstract communicator made her point with a concrete one. Read it here:

Poison Phrase of the Week:

Kids can be so loud and obnoxious. Patty doesn’t like kids. That’s fine, but when most of your friends have them, there’s no point in constantly reminding everyone who has them when you get the families together.

Patty’s husband was tickling seven-year-old Daniel in the back seat of the car, and Daniel was laughing loudly. That’s when Patty said, Kids can be so loud and obnoxious.

It’s one thing to bring up an issue you want addressed. It’s another to complain about behavior that comes with the territory using a blanket condemnation.

5 Response to "Power Phrases: Take ownership & avoid generalizations"

  1. George Bush Intercontinental Airport Moye 13/9/07 23:26
    I know someone from Clarendon that wants to tickle you in her back seat. You know who I mean Earl.
  2. JMC 14/9/07 12:06
    The quoted phrases are so tiny I can't read them, oh professional communicator. :)
  3. Anonymous 14/9/07 14:03
    Megadeath can be so loud and obnoxious....
  4. JMC 14/9/07 14:08
    Ah, there they are.
  5. Anonymous 19/9/07 09:59
    cool stuff. thanks!

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