Thomas Burnett: A Hero of 9/11

Last year, the Blogland was one of thousands of bloggers who took part in Project 2996, to memorialize randomly-selected individuals who were lost in the terrorist attacks committed on our nation on September 11, 2001. This year, that tradition is continued with a tribute to Thomas Burnett.

Throughout our nation's history, there have been those places where our nation's enemies faced our nation's private citizens, who, armed with great courage and a determination to confront evil, courageously answered the call to duty. In places like the Alamo, Kings Mountain, and
Wake Island, private citizens, forced into action by the agression of America's enemies, made courageous stands.

On September 10, 2001, little did we know that a similar stand would soon take place in the skies over Pennsylvania, by a small group of airline passengers, including one Mr. Thomas Burnett. While much remains unknown about what happened on that plane, what is certain is that determined and fanatical terrorists with years of training met the courage of free Americans.

Thomas Burnett was husband and father of three daughters (Madison, Halley, and Anna Clare), and the senior Vice-President for a medical R&D company. A high school quarterback who led his team to state championships, he graduated from the University of Minnesota. So concerned about looking out for his family, he gave up parachuting and insisted that his wife should always fly on a separate flight, so a crash would not leave their children without both parents.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, he boarded a plane designated Flight 93 to return home from a business trip to New Jersey. For this, he was marked for death by America's enemies. But little did they know that Burnett and others would turn the tables on them.

When visitors travel to visit his company's headquarters, they will find it on Tom Burnett Lane.

President Ronald Reagan once warned "that there should be no place on Earth where terrorists can rest and train and practice their deadly skills." Thanks to Burnett and others, those terrorists found that their well-planned plot had become a trap from which they could not escape. Reagan's warning to terrorists became reality, thanks to those unprepared and untrained Americans, who armed with little more than courage and determination, fought back and prevailed.

No doubt there are hundreds, if not thousands, who were marked for death at Flight 93's ultimate destination. Thanks to Burnett and others, that murderous mission was a failure. On this day, and many others, we should remember and honor the courageous of Mr. Thomas Burnett, along with those many others we've lost on that day, and those we've lost since.

To learn more about Mr. Burnett, please visit these websites:>

4 Response to "Thomas Burnett: A Hero of 9/11"

  1. Anonymous 10/9/07 21:14
    Thank you for your moving tribute. Never forget . . .

    I remember James Edward Potorti
  2. Lake Charles Louisiana Moye 10/9/07 22:33
    Like you said we will never know all that took place on that plane.
  3. west_rhino 11/9/07 11:58
    We do however know that one plane did not strike the Capitol Building or the White House.

    One Freudian slip of the press remains in the "main stream media's" identification of ninteen murders as martyrs and 3000 martyrs as victims. 3000, mostly Christians, martyred because of their faith. The Jews, Hindus, Atheists, Mohammedans and other faiths that perished with them, are also martyrs. Should we append Fox's work with a few new chapters?

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