Thomas Ravenel: Good bye and good luck

Anyone who is serious about recovering from addiction has a long and difficult road to travel. Thomas Ravenel's fall from grace may have been humbling, but we hope in the end, it leads to recovery and healing.

There is lesson in how Thomas has survived what has come at him, while remaining committed to recovery. If he can, then perhaps others in far less challenging situations can do so, and we certainly hope that others can learn from his ordeal and take on their addictions.

In walking down the long road to recovery, Thomas Ravenel, a Blogland reader, has our best wishes and prayers.

If you're reading this Thomas, good luck and godspeed.

4 Response to "Thomas Ravenel: Good bye and good luck"

  1. Moye of the Graham clan 7/9/07 13:55
    You can believe I wish him well also. I am going to miss my conversations with him during the elections. Most of all I am going to miss him in politics.
  2. Brian McCarty 7/9/07 23:44
    Imagine the real good he can do when he recovers. What a motiviational speaker he could become.

    I never touched cocaine for various reasons, but one of them was the death of Len Bias. I was a basketball player and huge fan at the time. I heard his mother speak on drugs and always respected her for finding the good in an awful situation.

    Perhaps Ravenel can have the same impact on people. If he recovers and tells his story he could have a better impact on people than he could have as a politician.

    He'll never be President or Governor, but he can still have a huge impact on people if he turns his life around.

    He could be a lesson for us all.
  3. Santee Cooper Moye 8/9/07 21:46
    I hate to agree with Brian but he has a good point.
  4. Anonymous 12/9/07 15:13
    he'll be dead of an OD in ten years, tops. stop kissing his ass, because it makes it sound like he's your supplier.

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