Who is to blame for phone attacks in Beaufort House race?

The last week or so of the GOP runoff for the Beaufort County House seat saw some pretty unusual stuff, with regard to a number of reports we recevied from various sources about telephone attack campaigns being waged against newly-elected Representative Erickson.

The number of these reports, and the credibility of some our sources convinces us that yes, some of this stuff, as strange as it sounded, really did happen.

Yes, we did hear about someone offering to be a drunken sailor (in a town with lots of drunken Marines, who would notice?) ...

... and we heard of the welfare queen, Shaniqua or whoever she said she was ...

... and the pro-life caller defending Bates ...

... and the email by Erickson supporters challening the calls too.

While we're sure these calling campaigns may have been intended to accomplish a certain outcome, we had to ask ourselves "what the hell was someone thinking?" Which is why we think Rod Shealy shouldn't be blamed for this attack campaign.

Sometimes telephone campaigns can be effective campaign tools. But a basic rule of campaigns cautions that if an attack doesn't seem to fit reality, it is not going to work. The calls against Erickson were too far out to left field for anyone to believe. In fact, the ears we have to the ground in that area suggested they backfired and helped Erickson rally enough voters to the polls to pull off her victory.

On the other side of the coin, they're so potentially manipulative, by motivating voters, that a campaign seeking to use them to scare their own base out would be playing with fire. If revealed, their credibility would be terribly damaged.

Races as close as that one are often decided by the one who screws up last. Deliberately waging such a phone campaign, and getting caught, would be that last, fatal mistake. Considering that, we can't see any political operative with half a brain or more, especially one with Shealy's background, orchestrating something so stupid. In fact, we at the Blogland will gladly drug test anyone (and you know we have drug test kits) we find to have been behind these efforts, because they had to be on some really good s ... tuff to think of something like this.

While crying "conspiracy" would be so tempting, we suspect those calling campaigns were the stuff of over-zealous supporters and nothing more. It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've seen a campaign blown out of the water by its own loose cannons, and it won't be the last.

However, if any of our readers have any alternative theories as to who might have been behind the calls, we're all ears ...

3 Response to "Who is to blame for phone attacks in Beaufort House race?"

  1. Anonymous 20/9/07 05:24
    I agree Earl. This sounds like some over the top supporter with too much time on his hands.
  2. Gator Head 20/9/07 22:22

    We have an alternative theory. :)

    You see, a gator bit sic(k) willie folk's ass off at FITSNEWS.

    We're paying to have the gator’s head mounted, and the governor has already agreed to have the blessed gator’s head placed on the wall in the State House.

    Just think. Generations of public school children will visit the State House to see the Gator Head that stopped the voucher scam.
  3. Wyboo Moye 21/9/07 21:37
    It was Gary McLeods campaign manager who made those calls.

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