11 years later, he's back

The Blogland congratulates Heyward Hutson, the former and new State Representative from Summerville. He won tonight's GOP runoff with 55% of the vote in what was a very hotly contested race, winning back the seat he gave up in 1996 to Converse Chellis, who recently became State Treasurer.

Even though the Democratic candidate backed out, and a lot of Heyward's supporters frankly hate our guts, we're still endorsing him for the December 4th election, opposed or not.

Congrats, Heyward, and good luck.

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  1. west_rhino 31/10/07 09:54
    Well Earl, you have been uncharachteristically quiescent about this race, coming into yesterday's special election, giving more space to the Senate 25 seat than to this House seat.

    Curiously it seems the Dems presidential campaigns don't see much to gain, even with Lincolnville in the midst of this district and haven't sought association with either a race that was certain to flop or wouldn't get sufficient minority patronage or the Clyburn gratitude or any combination of the above.

    Either way, nooses in trees tonight, offered as gahastly decor still have the opportunity of being labelled as a racist affront to delicate minorities.
  2. Earl Capps 31/10/07 10:41
    That's easy - I live in House District 94 and supported a candidate in the race. I felt that maybe I was too close to the action to discuss it, if that makes sense.

    Also, I felt the Senate race has much higher stakes than a GOP primary in a GOP stronghold. The primary in House 94 decided the race between candidates who mostly had solid GOP pedigrees.

    The Senate race had a Democrat running in the primary (Hixon) and Clyburn's cousin as the official Democratic candidate, with national level Democratic participation.

    Which one of the two would YOU find more interesting for discussion? Just as when there were Senate races in Beaufort and Berkeley at the same time, I chose one and in the other, I only got involved to congratulate the winner.

    The Lincolnville precinct is the odd box out in that district. Overall, House 94 is overwhelmingly Republican, and even if that one area turned out 100%, the Dems wouldn't even come close.

    As for tonight, I thought I would be North Charleston. That outta scare the crap out of a lot of kiddies ... and grown-ups too.
  3. Anonymous 31/10/07 12:11
    Earl, re: "As for tonight, I thought I would be North Charleston. That outta scare the crap out of a lot of kiddies ... and grown-ups too."

    I doubt that your A is that big...
  4. Mike Reino 31/10/07 18:02
    Tell your man Mike that I said I'm sorry......
  5. baton rouge moye 31/10/07 20:07
    who said you cannot go home

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