600 posts later

... and amazingly, we're still here.

To mark this special occasion, we take you to Schwab Road, somewhere on I-10 in east Texas. We appreciate the folks at Schwab Road for being ... Schwab Road, and the Texas DOT for putting up the signage which included the number "600".

It may be east Texas, but it looks a lot like somewhere on I-85 in Cherokee County to me.

Whereever your travels take you, remember, the journey is half the fun (and 80% of the costs, due to gas prices) ... and whereever you are, the Blogland is right there, stalking you whereever you hide.

Thanks for tuning in, and as always, stay tuned ...

3 Response to "600 posts later"

  1. on the bayou moye 29/10/07 21:11
    I tell you where I am at right now at the Hilton in Baton Rouge downtown on the Mississippi River looking at the I - 10 Bridge about a quarter to a half mile or less away. On the Executive floor with a view. Fixing to go to the Coincerge Lounge and have a Crown and Coke on the Verandah that overlooks Big Muddy. Tomorrow back in court. Sometimes you just have to admit life is great. Then again it took me all day to get here on Delta from Columbia to Atlanta to New Orleans than a rental car to Baton Rouge. Anyhow Congratulations on your 600 post it has been good to visit your site. Thanks man.
  2. west_rhino 30/10/07 12:01
    Looks like too much of the Interstate system...

    Bravo on the six century mark!
  3. baton rouge moye 30/10/07 18:18
    I 10 in Texas goes on forever

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