Blogland Contest: Adolf of the Upstate?

Does anyone recognize this guy?

Details to follow later this week - and YES,
we will unmask the Upstate's new leading voice for facism

The first person to guess who it is wins one of this month's
Reader Appreciation Prize packages, so stay tuned ...

24 Response to "Blogland Contest: Adolf of the Upstate?"

  1. Anonymous 7/10/07 16:01
    richard eckstrom?
  2. Anonymous 7/10/07 17:55
    mike fair
  3. Mikey Fair 7/10/07 18:39
    Deb Sofield?
  4. Anonymous 7/10/07 19:07
    Knox White?
  5. hope mills moye 7/10/07 20:51
  6. Anonymous 8/10/07 00:25
    Rick Quinn
  7. Anonymous 8/10/07 00:26
    Jakie Knotts
  8. Earl Capps 8/10/07 00:28
    come on, rick and jakie aren't from the upstate ... try again guys.
  9. Mike Reino 8/10/07 11:25
    Rick Beltram... or.....
    That Guy from The Blues Brothers.
    I HATE Upstate Nazi's.
  10. Anonymous 8/10/07 15:13
    Bill McAbee
  11. Anonymous 8/10/07 15:13
    Dan Cooper
  12. Anonymous 8/10/07 15:13
    Kevin Bryant
  13. Anonymous 8/10/07 15:13
    Ron Wilson.
  14. Anonymous 8/10/07 17:29
    Pee Wee Herman. Come on, quit teasing us and tell us who it is.
  15. yellow medicine county minnesota moye 8/10/07 17:44
    jessie jackson
  16. Anonymous 8/10/07 17:53
    Too skinny for Richard Byrd of WVa. or Danny Ford. Was that the Bob Jones campus grounds keeping building in the background?
  17. Anonymous 8/10/07 17:59
    John Hawkins?
  18. west_rhino 9/10/07 10:43
    Based on the arm hair and posture, a non-aryan... that lets Earl out, though I'd expect that true Nazis would be gushing to claim Earl, based on his obvious Aryan genetics as one of their own.

    Go fig!
  19. Nietzshe 9/10/07 11:24
    Das ist nicht ubermann-Beltram. Beltram ist der berliner.
  20. Anonymous 9/10/07 15:50
    der Berliner or ein Berliner
  21. spaetzel 9/10/07 19:55
    Der berliner oder ein berliner. Der berliner ist richtig.
  22. Anonymous 10/10/07 08:24
    Spatzel, (das) kapitialzation is nicht richtig. Berliner ist Berliner, aus Kuche oder Berlin.
  23. Anonymous 11/10/07 22:58
    Sehr gut anonymous. Haben Sie einen Bier meinen Freund. Was trinken Sie?
  24. not a cock fan moye 13/10/07 23:33
    how do we donate to your legal fund

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